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Waiting for the Ko Tao Ferry

Waiting for Ferry - Ko Tao

Spent the day doing exactly what I said, getting thai massages(highly recommended) and eating thai food from a variety of street vendors, delicious. My massages was only $8US, I don’t think I could ever get one back home again, it was that good, not to mention cheap.

It’s now 4:30am local time, I’m waiting at the pier with a group of travelers for the 7am ferry to Ko Tao, supposedly it’s a few hours and if you get sea sick, good luck. Very rocky I have heard.

The bus was alright, they played a movie, sat next to this obnoxious girl from Ireland, let’s call her “Debbie the Downer”. Very argumentative and was insulting Canada, at which point I decided to effectively “tune her out”. Not everyone you meet can be cool, unfortunately.

To give you an idea of how long this trip is, we boarded the bus at 6PM. At ~11PM we stopped at a tourist trap for dinner. I didn’t eat dinner before I left, was waiting for a friend and then ran out of time. When you go to a street vendor, ONLY buy food they are cooking immediately, their idea of “fresh” is different than ours, and you don’t want issues when “on the road”.

Everyone is passed out on the floor waiting, I’m here on a lightening fast wireless. I asked the guy if he had the code, came back 5 minutes later with a piece of paper and said “50 baht, unlimited”, sweet.

I’m exhausted but after the whole bed bug bites fiasco, I’m hesitant to sleep on the floor, I’ve seen all sorts of bugs since being here, fleas included.

That’s it for now, supposedly Ko Tao is not a party place and “boring” according to “Debbie the Downer”, but what does she know? She’s off to India after this to volunteer at an HIV rehabilitation center, hopefully she’ll be more cheery as I’m sure the people in the center don’t need another reason to be depressed.

That said, I’m looking forward to a “laid back and relaxing” island experience, rest up, do some snorkeling, fishing and just laze around by the beach. Having been in Vegas, then Bangkok, I’m ready for a rest.

Stay tuned,

Update: Another bus just showed up, next time I’ll look at the itinerary.

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