Breakingdancing in Bangkok

NOTE: If Video isn’t Playing – CLICK HERE.

Last night, I got a 16gig memory card… I’m now up to 24 gigs. As a result, I can film what I want, when I want. I caught some bboys doing break dancing on the streets of Bangkok, Khao San Road, to be exact. I have about 2 minutes of breaking, these guys were the best.

I also captured a stroll down the entire length of “Khao San Road”, well it’s 2 videos but it has some hilarious stuff and I do believe is a very vivid account of what it’s like. Seeing how the videos are ~8 minutes, I’ll wait until I’m on a more stable connection to even fathom the idea of sharing it, with you.

For some reason, this video isn’t displaying but it’s working on Youtube, weird, no?

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