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Next Stop: Nicaragua

Buenos dias amigos,

If I said I wasn’t slightly apprehensive about going to Nicaragua this evening, I’d be lying. For some reason couldn’t sleep last night and woke up in a panic as though mid dream but can’t remember it now. We’re leaving Boston at 6PM and will arrive in Managua, Nicaragua at 1:30AM, not ideal…

Airports are safe havens, always have been. Decided the only reasonable thing to do is slowly get our luggage and then arrange transportation for 7-8am. Not a huge fan of traveling at night, especially when you’re fresh into a country. Despite having traveled extensively, you’re only as fresh as your last few months. I’ve been eating fatty foods in North America, I’m soft. Will take some time until the rhythm is back and one begins behaving / appearing as a traveler and not so much a vacationer.

Really have nothing else to add besides hanging out with family is priceless. I have no family in Canada and my closest relative is 6 hours away. If you’re lucky enough to have family around, spend time with them. They’re some of the only people you can count on to be with you when you’re riding the waves and getting torn by the reefs, they’re your crew if you like it or not.

Just got my travel insurance, I always go with Patriot Medical Travel Insurance.

Hasta luego,

P.S: See ya on the flip side.

P.P.S: Thanks for the advice grandpa.

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