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Trip from Boston to Managua to Granada, Nicaragua


I sit here silently typing in Granada, Nicaragua while my body screams on the inside. For the first time since arriving back in North America, feel 100% ALIVE again. Felt this way from the moment we landed in Managua and that C. American humidity slapped my face in a most egregious fashion. Could go on but you get the drift and in case you’re ever flying from anywhere to Managua, Nicaragua at 1AM, have important news for you…

We flew with Spirit Airlines from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale and then to Managua. The ticket was cheap and so it should be, the Spirit planes are not in very good shape and for some reason they allow passengers to fly with dogs? If you didn’t already dislike poodles, imagine having one literally scream, yelp, bark and cry for a full 3 hours with an owner who treated the dog like a person and would do nothing to “inconvenience it”.  There was almost a revolution as passengers yelled at her to shut it up, seriously. Spirit is the future of airlines, in the future I reckon air travel will be so common that you average flight will be just like a bus, no frills, at all.

We arrived in Managua at 1:30AM and I was a bit worried aka spent a few seconds thinking about possible outcomes as the gent booking us in at Logan in Boston told us we needed a return ticket. Straight up, you don’t need a return ticket and I’ve been to countless countries where you should have one and have never had an issue. The old smile with a fist full of currency always works, remember that. You’ll notice the humidity hit your face as you leave the plane, you’ll love it or hate it but you won’t be able to ignore it.

We decided to camp out in the airport until the break of dawn as it’s simply safer, a small fee for finding affordable international flights. Once the old timers and the real morning workers aka juice stands, newspaper people are out and about, it’s go time. We decided to walk across the street from the airport and head to a Best Western and get a cab from there. The moment we got there we ran into a very personable gent named Daniel who drove us in a new car direct from Managua to Granada.  If you want Daniel’s number, just email me and it ended up costing $40. Ask anyone, Managua is not really a place to hang out.

After a 45-50 minute ride, we arrived in Granada at about 6:50am and began searching for a place to stay. Granada has lots of rooms available in hotels and hostels, we found countless quaint places but none of them had lockers or a safe spot for our gear. Considering both of us work online, keeping our electronics safe is paramount. After an hour or so of wandering around and taking photos while checking places out, settled in somewhere. We grabbed a private room in the center of town for $20US a night, total. The place has wifi, a pool and countless other interesting travelers as guests.

Granada is very old and has been around since 1524. For full details, I encourage you to read about it here. Would continue but I’m seriously exhausted and just woke up from an hour nap. It’s a huge world out there, I implore you to explore it and find what best suits your needs before you settle. The photo below is where I’m writing this from.

We’re here until we leave.

Tips hat,

P.S: Made a VLOG about taking a taxi from Managua to Granada, Nicaragua.

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