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Multinational Sleepover at LAX



The time is 4:55am on my clock but in LA it’s actually 1:55AM. We should have left two hours ago but here we are, still sitting around and having a big old multinational sleepover in LAX. It’s freezing in here which is ironic and I’m putting my arms inside my sleeves similar to the Nightmarish Night bus from Bolivia to Peru. The floor is littered like some University keg party as people are accepting their fate and sleeping on the freezing floor.

The flight from Lima was decent and the airline LAN is quite alright; recommended. I got the middle-middle seat aka the middle of the middle row and hung out with a Grandma from Buenos Aires. Oddly enough those in seats near you are like neighbors and I didn’t even exchange pleasantries with the gent next to me. Ever look into a bar and say to yourself “nothing here for me, not even worth having a beer”, yeah it was one of those experiences.

Kinda odd being back in the United States and North American in general. Definitely having a bit of sticker shock as I see salads that cost more than twice the amount I paid for a memorable three course meal in Bolivia. That said, it’s good to be back as this is where I’m from and if I wasn’t used to these types of prices I’d never have the ability to travel as long as I have and journey as far as I’ve gone.

So the reason I’m here is because Qantas is having an issue with the hydraulic pump. Talking to these two ladies who seem to do quite a bit of traveling; this isn’t uncommon. Supposedly Qantas used to be great but these days this isn’t so uncommon. That said, considering once you leave Los Angeles it’s open ocean basically until you get to Australia; I’ll wait a few hours to make sure everything is proper, yes?

What’s ironic is that I’m freezing and the captain has apologized that once we get on the temp inside is 29c as the engines are off while they are doing work. I can’t get into that sweat box soon enough and guess what? This might be a good thing. By forcing myself to stay up like this I might pass out during the day tomorrow which will be the night in Australia aka I’m getting accustomed to my new time zone. When you look at it that way, this whole ordeal works out perfect, yeah  this great!

Looking forward to the warmth of the climate and people in Queensland; hope I make my flight to Hamilton Island…

Update: Captain with a 1970’s handlebar mustache just came out and said it’s 4am earliest now as the part they got turned out to be the wrong one… If we don’t leave within the next 2 hours we’re stuck here all night as the pilots won’t legally be able to fly. That said, it’s not over until it’s over and I think we’ll end up going, I hope.

Tips hat,

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