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Missed Ferry from Koh Lanta to Krabi

Cool Bar on Koh Lanta Thailand

Plans are meant to change, simple as that. Instead of today, tomorrow I’ll catch a ferry from Koh Lanta to Krabi Town. Nothing is 100% in this world, including you even waking up tomorrow. I went out and socialized for a while and then returned to my room, to pack my things. I packed everything except it turns out the ticket that was next to my bed. When catching an early ferry, flight, whatever, I pack everything, to the point where even my pockets have what they need. All I do is get up, put my selected clothes on, filled with my valuables and “I’m off”. When packing, I look for things like a pyramid, starting at the top, the most expensive / hard to replace. Those include but are not limited to: Passport, wallet, computer adapters, computer, camera equipment etc etc…

First off ask one of the guys who work at the resort to buy your ticket for you, shaved 20% off, thank you. While packing I saw some things I didn’t need to travel with, I decided it would only be right to go see if anyone at the bar wanted it. I bought a drink sat down and my gifts were well received. Suddenly the music stops and I’m the only guy there along with the staff. Last night wasn’t crazy busy but it was amazingly fun, I digress.

Cool Bar on Koh Lanta Thailand

One of the staff members asks if I want to join them when they go eat after this, I say “much obliged”. We jump in one of the trucks and drive for what felt like 5-10 minutes into the unknown. Suddenly we find ourselves at this diner. We ordered countless plates of curry and great cauldrons filled with rice while drinking Sigha and Chang, on the rocks. As I was leaving the hotel complex I knew I probably wasn’t going to make the ferry at 7:30am the next day, no worries one of the gents with us handles the tickets, very easy to make a 7 look like an 8, yes? Heck, at one point I wasn’t even sure if they were driving back to the hotel or I was sleeping on one of their floors, turns out half the guys live at the resort.

Not sure what time I got in at but I set my alarm for 7 and 7:05, at 8:25 I guess the incessant ringing finally got to me and I woke up with the ring tone firmly implanted in my psyche. Turns out some ladies some of my friends know from another island showed up today, along with those friends.

So here I am, stuck in Koh Lanta and loving it. I wish I had found island earlier as it’s truly heavenly, at least for a guy like me, can’t speak for you, never will. I’m also loving the fact that I’m living resortdaloca lifestyle and it’s not in the boca ratona vista that costs you an arm and leg and typically occupied by those who with less than optimal use of their arms and legs aka retirees. When at a resort, with people smiling everywhere and offering you things, waiting on you, how can you not “live it up”? Especially when you’re ~40+ hours of travel away from “home, sweet home”. Might I also add that “home, sweet home” is probably covered with snow or just cold, less than desirable this time of year.

Met up with many of the guys I went out for an after hours gorge with today and hung out, on the beach in their place, just chilling. Also got informed on many of the realities of doing business in Thailand as a foreigner, how things work, lets say most come and see the waves, they only ever scratch the surface, if they get that far. Now I feel like I’ve done a diving trip but never left the beach.

Cool Bar on Koh Lanta Thailand

I *should* be going to Krabi / Malaysia tomorrow but who knows what’s going to happen so enough wasting space on the internet writing about stuff that’s not relevant. I do know my visa now expires in less than ~3-4 days so… tick tock, tick tock.

On a side note, I have this pair of jeans I bought in Victoria that were just weighing me down, I have 3 pairs of pants in the 59L backpack and I never wear them, have considered “ditching them” on several occasions. One of the guys was going off about Levis jeans that he has so I gave him my Chaps ones. I hate throwing things out and it’s wasteful(white t’s and socks excluded), waste not, want not. He was really appreciative, to the tune of wearing them instantly. Not like someone who gets a perfectly nice shirt and remarks “too gappey , we can return it”, whatever that means..

Finally, Thailand is exactly 12 hours ahead of my home town right now. Whenever I’m “out and about”, “doing what I want” from 9-4am, I often think what I would be doing back home(sitting at a desk working on diabetes and carpal tunnel), or how when I was back home I always pondered “What’s happening in other parts of the world right now”, now I’m starting to find out.

Good day,

P.S There are so many “specialized” jobs out there it would make your head spin, if you don’t feel comfortable in the herd, live a little and go at it alone.  You’ll quickly discover that the more unique you are, the more unique your job can be. Not everyone needs to be an accountant, banker, baker, biologist etc…

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