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Moving on to Malaysia, Goodbye Thailand

Spent what has to  be the laziest day of my life today. Maybe lazy isn’t the word or it’s exactly the word. I basically woke up, eat a gluttonous dejeuner and passed out in a bohio, woke up went to my room and passed out some more. At this point I eat a 3 course meal and then, you guessed it, passed out. I slept in numerous positions, in numerous places.

A major website of mine is getting bombarded with spam or some type of attack, I’m just sleeping it off as there is nothing I can do at this moment. I leave that to the gentleman I pay to take care of my hosting. I believe it’s an overzealous affiliate sending hundreds of thousands of junk traffic hoping, wishing, one would convert. Sadly that is not the case as garbage is garbage on the web. Not just the web really, if you think about it, life is about quality and not quantity for the majority of things with considerable worth and value, yes?

I’m going to start a budget plan, at the very least writing down daily expenditures to find where my money is going and over the long run be able to be mindful of my weak points while continuing my strong points. When visiting more expensive countries this will be even more applicable. Talked to a guy today who said “I must of been paying with 500’s for everything last night” trying to explain the concerning weight reduction in his wallet. That got me thinking and I thought, I must have 8,000 baht left, counted and only 6. Where does it go? I have an idea but if you do know, I’m all ears. That said, waking up in Thailand and asking yourself “what happened” is very different than say Las Vegas. Same same but really different.

bohio on Koh Lanta - Heaven Thailand

The resort I am staying at is cool but next time I come, I will go further from the ferry into more “no mans land” and really get some “interesting” accommodations. Met this couple going to a place where you sleep in a boat, they also have tree houses there.

On the note of ingenuity, I’d like to say that I find the Thai people some of the most entrepreneurial I’ve seen. They put 95% of people who have the gull to consider themselves “salesmen” in North America to shame. They buy things and flip them the old fashion way like it is nobodies business. As a result I always try and buy things at the local “grocer” where it’s the same woman who works 7 days a week smiling doing business with you, no harm no hassle. Need to return? Receipt, who cares, she remembers you.

Off to Malaysia tomorrow, or very least Krabi for a night then Malaysia. I’m not sure if I’m getting ripped or not buying a ferry / bus ticket direct from Koh Lanta or I can swing less going from resort, buying a ferry ticket at the harbor, then buying a bus or train ticket, at the respective station. Both have pros and cons. If my experience from Koh Tao taught me anything, it is cheaper to take the deal, Bangkok was only 950… Then again it was 500 from Bangkok to Koh Tao… hmmm. That said if you bought alone it wouldn’t be any cheaper and the ferry is one of the most expensive components. They want 1400 baht from Koh Lanta – KL.

new beach on Koh Lanta - Heaven Thailand

The thought of a visa run is simply out of the question, even though I found a service which gets Malaysia visa for Indians  as well as Canadians and most other commonwealth countries. I want to see the world and it’s not going to happen getting waited on by some of the most hosipital people in the world on a remote island in Thailand. I also want to make my way to Phillipines before going, I dunno where. That said Tanzania is also in the cards. I’m pretty sure I’m going from KL (as the locals call it) –> Singapore. From there, whether it’s Indonesia or Tanzania is undecided. Australia is not even on the radar at this point. Too westernized for this character. I’m sure I’ll have a valid reason to go, I had one but I didn’t get around to planning this trip properly or it would of started there.

I digress.

I heard when in Indonesia, you hear about the odd “techo dance club bombing” in Bali. It’s typically places like that I’ve been told as the cultures and customs in Indonesia are quite different from your average western country. As a result if I do go to Indo, it will be more a tour through and or relax in some smaller places, beautiful islands. Make sense? I think too many people travel to far away lands without respecting the ways of the world. People do things different in differently places. Most are accepting and at the very least tolerant to different cultures and travelers but… Take heed and know how people get on there and what makes them tick. If not you could be in for a surprise and I’m not talking about getting what you really wanted for Christmas.

Tonight, I need to buy that ticket, find out when the ferries leave, do a little research on terms of the Malaysia visa and all that fun stuff. That said, not really in the mood to leave but as the French would say, “c’est la vie”. It’s absolutely pouring outside again. Maybe it’s time for another nap before that ticket and some nourishment?

God speed,

sleeping in a bohio on Koh Lanta - Heaven Thailand

Another great place for a nap

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