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Lounging, Laundry & Fishing Excitement

Wow, I think I *just* wrote the world’s most entertaining title, ever. Ok, sure I threw excitement in there and it *may* be a bit of a misnomer. Seriously though, that’s about all I got up to yesterday. When you’re traveling with little gear I think the most important component is plenty of boxers. You can stretch jeans, hoodies and various other articles of clothing to a few wears but when the boxers start coming to the end, it’s time to do laundry. On the topic of boxers I was *almost* suckered into buying those $40 a pair that are quick drying and some fabric that dry’s really quickly but also hold’s odors… Kinda seems like they cancel out and I decided to just bring 7 pairs, when they get gross I’ll buy ~10 more for like ~$5 in Asia, seems like a no brainer to me.

Was looking into flights. Was considering going from Vancouver -> LA -> Zanzibar but that ticket was priced out @ $4400 when an around the world ticket costs ~$5100+ taxes. Needless to say it’s time for me to get serious and start really looking into this. I can get a ticket from Vancouver -> Shanghai for ~$665. If that’s the case I may do that but from Manila -> Zanzibar it’s ~$1000+ so I will quickly surpass the around the world ticket. Wasn’t this about laundry, fishing and lounging? Ok back to the point of this post.

Went to a buddies parents house who live on the Ocean to basically just lounge, do laundry and fish. That’s all I did all day. One thing that was cool was while we were there a family friend who had been taking care of the place showed up and guess what, he’s traveled the world. I picked his brain and ran my mouth for hours discussing different countries, what to expect, what’s good, what’s not. He’s from Africa (born) but lived his whole life here with parents from the UK. He also suggested the around the world ticket. On the topic of tickets, I’m going to meet Gary from “Everything Everywhere” which is basically the world’s best travel blog in my opinion. He’s been traveling the globe endlessly since March, 2007 and is a pretty interesting guy. I met him in 2007 online in my blog forum and we’ve kept in touch since. He’s in Victoria so we’re meeting downtown and going to grab some lunch. Crazy how things work out, yes?

Back to the day, here are some photo’s and whatnot. All and all a very relaxing day. Dare I say that since resigning I’m finally starting to realize the definition of the word “relaxation“. I’m learning it despite fighting trench throat which I’m glad to report is basically gone. Sure I’m still weak and have a week left of antibiotics but I feel human and have basic swallowing functions.

Cool Marina in Victoria

Cool shot of the bay from my friends parents. Was hard to pick a photo, the place was beautiful.

Deep Sea Weight size of Cannonball

This weight is one you’d maybe regret losing $52. However it’s also great to tie to a rope and use as a “morning star” to scare off anyone crazy enough to pull a road rage fit in your direction. Hmmmm

Pacific Ocean Fishing Gear

This is the gear I ended up buying, the rod is my friends  ocean casting rod ~8-10 feet, which I’m borrowing. It may even be *too heavy duty* for the type of fishing I’m doing.

Pacific Ocean Fishing at Dusk in Victoria

Fishing in the Pacific Ocean at dusk. The water is FREEZING. I only fished for about ~15-20 minutes. I did get some significant bites but no catches. It’s called fishing, not catching afterall.

That’s about all I got up to yesterday. Now I’m taking it easy, meeting Gary for a late breakfast, early lunch, brunch or whatever the h3ll you want to call it. Supposedly going up to that cabin today but we always seem to get sidetracked.

One thing I will note, I’m genuinely thrilled that Monday isn’t “Monday” anymore. It’s just a day, the way it should be.

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