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Funny How Things Work Out

It`s funny how things work out. I wrote yesterday about how I was home with you, the internet while my friends were out painting the town.

As it happens, shortly after posting that, I was awaken to hear the whole crew coming in the door, much to my chagrin. Well not really to my chagrin, I just felt like saying that  but it turns out the night ended as quickly as it started.

On of the ladies that was with them jumped the VIP line and some large, grizzly, aggressive bouncer threw her out of the bar similar to the way Uncle Phil used to throw Jazz out of his place in the  Fresh Prince of Belair, now that was a great show. After being thrown out one of the ladies wanted to go dance at a gay bar so off they went. My friends, being bewildered came back and spent the rest of the evening doing whatever drunk guys do, drinking rye.

I on the other hand passed out and woke up for the first time in days without the feeling of having a dagger in my throat. Life’s a lot more enjoyable when you have basic functions sans pain, seriously.

Today  I’m finally going to get to go fishing. Maybe catch some rock cod or some dog fish. Frankly I’ll take anything that will bite my line and hopefully put up a decent fight. The plan is still to go to Tofino tomorrow. Whether it happens or not is anyone’s guess.

I have been looking into the trademarks and became aware that Canadian Trademarks hold no weight in the United States. I still have to research this but it makes sense. Another issue with trademarks besides the cost of registering (which is nominal, say $250) is the price of enforcing them. If someone does use your trademarks and you’re legally entitled to make them stop, you still have to spend the $$$ on lawyers in order to effectively make it happen. If it’s some crappy startup that you’re “suing” what do you hope to get from them? You can’t get blood from stone so … I’m not sure what to think on that regard. Time to do some more research but for now, time to do some fishing.

The weather out here in Victoria is unreal, it’s been sunny since I got here and extremely pleasant. Below is a picture from the Harbor I took when I first arrived on Tuesday.

Beautiful Victoria Habor

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