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Important Matter of Being Ill in Istanbul


Yours truly is ill in Istanbul and that’s why I’m still here. Don’t get me wrong, I love Istanbul as it’s one of the most culturally diverse and interesting places on the planet but there is a show that must go on and the next stage isn’t in Istanbul, so to speak…

The plan was Macedonia at 5pm today. Woke up at 10am, eat breakfast then woke up at 3pm feeling incredibly lethargic. At this point I asked an award winning South Korean doctor what to do, she said I should rest another night. The lady was from South Korea but certainly didn’t win any awards and most likely isn’t a doctor, fyi.

The illness is this horrendous cough. What’s odd is that my throat doesn’t hurt it’s just depending on air quality, can go into massive hacking attacks that can last minutes. It’s a dry cough and nothing will come out, it’s quite confusing. Suffice to say it’s not the type of thing you wish to have on an 18 hour bus ride, especially if the air is stale.

Apart from that, have the flu. Some weird Turkish strain I believe, it’s most unpleasant.

Will note that of all the places to be ill in the world, Istanbul isn’t so bad. That said, health is the richest form of wealth anyone can ever possess, its the one thing that is necessary for all else to exist. Regardless of this illness, will always have fond memories of my time spent on this roof top looking at the Hagia Sophia over the incredible city of Istanbul…

Hopefully one can leave tomorrow, eager for this trip to continue.

Tips hat,

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