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How to Choose the Right Venue for a Corporate Event

Planning the right venue for your next big corporate event should be perfect to the smallest detail, and of course, there are many things to consider. Your location will define your attendees’ experience and contain all of your event’s other components.

Your facility must be functional, cost-effective, and visually appealing. As a result of all of this, choosing the proper pace for a corporate event might be intimidating. Follow these guidelines, and your next big event will be more than professional and memorable.


Make accessibility a priority

Some will abandon a cause if a location is inaccessible to all. Consider all of your attendees, sponsors, visitors, and employees, and make sure that everyone, including those with special needs, can easily navigate the room.

Most event venues have already taken this into account. As you tour each site, ask the venue representative to demonstrate to you how their facility is accessible to everyone.

Don’t forget about acoustics

Your venue’s acoustics may have a greater impact on your event than you realize. Aesthetics are crucial, and a tiled floor, for example, may seem nice but might have an effect on the sound. Once the music starts playing and the discussion begins, your attendees may find themselves yelling in order to hear each other—an uncomfortable, stressful, and tiresome situation.

While inspecting the location, request to hear music played through the speakers, keeping in mind that a large crowd and props will distort the sound. Discuss the acoustics at previous events with your contact; they may be able to give audio and/or video footage as examples.

Find a location that works for your schedule

What kind of layout does your location provide? It’s easy to notice when a place is too small, but a too-large area is just as bad. Even if you have a full house, it will seem half empty, and your event will lose its luster.

Ask local agencies for available places; for example, look around for corporate holiday event venues in San Fran if you live in California, and you’ll probably stumble across dozens of different suggestions. There is no need to go any further, as you’ll have to worry about transportation and accommodation.

Furthermore, bring a printout of your schedule with you while you scout locations. Allow yourself time to visually examine the room and picture where each of your activities will take place. Is the area large enough to support all of your activities? Are there different breakout rooms available for distinct sessions?

Can you set up a specific section for sponsors? Do your speakers have access to raised stages or presenting areas? Make sure you have a rough idea of where each activity will be stationed before you depart. You haven’t squandered your time if you discover that the site you’re browsing isn’t a good fit. Getting a sense of a room, in general, will assist you in coming up with extra corporate event venue ideas.

Seek out testimonies

Do your homework. The marketing materials and website of a venue are a terrific place to start, but it’s always a good idea to contact fellow planners who have staged events in the same location.

Inquire with your coworkers about their upcoming gatherings and whether they would suggest the location. What went well, and what might have been improved? A trusted planner’s advice is worth its weight in gold.

Food and beverages

People adore sweets! Delicious food and unique drinks stimulate the senses, make guests comfortable, and can act as conversation starters. Food and beverages are generally an essential element of any celebration, so be sure the facility can satisfy your demands.

As you explore sites, it’s a smart option to get a sense of what you’ll do. Will the venue supply a restaurant and personnel so that food and beverages may be part of your complete package? Will third-party catering be your best option? If you intend to serve alcohol, make certain that the venue has the necessary license.

Understand all of the costs

Some establishments charge a fixed price that includes all incidentals. Others charge extra. Before you reserve your place, be sure you understand each line item. Start a conversation with your venue representative and clarify that you don’t want any budget shocks.

Are taxes, for example, included? What about Wi-Fi? Make a list of every item the venue is prepared to give and make sure you understand the pricing of everything, as well as when and how the expenses will show on your invoice, before giving over your deposit.

We truly hope your next corporate event will be a true hit and give your guests an unforgettable experience. Remember, it’s your reputation you’re trying to justify; therefore, take the right steps and choose wisely. 

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