The Biggest Sports Venues to Visit in New York

nyc_shablVisited by millions every year, New York is one of the world’s most spectacular cities. From the food and culture to the art, music and shopping, you really won’t know where to start your adventure when you touch down. Not only is there a wealth of historical attractions, from museums to national monuments, but when it comes to nightlife, you won’t be forgetting New York’s bar and club scene anytime soon.

One of the best things about the city however, especially if you’re in to sports, are the huge stadiums that are home to thousands of spectators every week! If you’re travelling to the big apple this year, and are looking for an alternative city tour to kick start your holiday, let’s take a look at some of the city’s top stadiums and sports venues.

Billy Jean King National Tennis Centre

Opened in 1978, and formally named in 2006 after Billie Jean King, this tennis centre and outdoor complex is spread over 46 acres and hosts the US Open, one of the biggest tournaments in the sport. With 33 courts, including the Arthur Ashe Stadium – the world’s largest – this is a tennis centre to trump all others, with gyms, spas, physio rooms and a wealth of hospitality boxes. There’s even a museum here celebrating all things tennis, as well as a food court and a number of luxury restaurants.

All the world’s major tennis stars have played here, from Roger Federer to Andy Murray, as well as the home favourites Serena and Venus Williams. High profile and celebrity spectators also take to the stands during the US Open, and the Billy Jean King even employs the state of the art ‘Hawk Eye’ technology. Additionally, when courts aren’t in use, they’re made available to the public.

Madison Square Garden

When it comes to world-renowned sports venues, Madison Square Gardens comes top of every list. Located right in the centre of Manhattan, perched above the Pennsylvania Station, this is the most famous buildings in the world, home to the NBA’s Knicks, the WNBA’s Liberties and the NHL’s Rangers. It was also the stage of the iconic Ali vs. Frazier boxing match in 1971!

Built in 1968, much of the original structure still remains, with only small technological renovation to make way for improvements in play. Every year, over 300 events are held here, from the major sporting matches to other events, such as circuses, track and field, political rallies and even dog shows. Not only can it hold over 18,000 people, but when it comes to music, some of the biggest artists in the world, most notably Jay-Z, call Madison Square Garden “the best place they’ve ever performed”.

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Nassau Coliseum

Opening in 1972 and spread over 63 acres, this is the World Wrestling Entertainment stadium of the world. Able to hold 18,000 people, everything from WWE and SummerSlam to tennis and basketball has been held here, as well as music concerts too! Artist highlights include Madonna, Queen, Pink Floyd and Queen, to name but a few.

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