Attract Attention to Your Tattoo Business with These Tips

Making a living from working in the tattoo industry takes much more hard work than it might seem to an outsider. Professional tattoo artists are often freelance or work within a small team by paying for a station in a studio space, largely independent of other people. However, you can also be the artist to run the studio. You just need a business mindset and the skills to build it up. Here’s how you can attract attention to your tattoo business.

Generate a Local Reputation

It is incredibly difficult to instantly flourish as an international tattoo superstar. Instead, focus on creating a local name for yourself as the go-to artist for anyone looking for ink in your area. Collaborate with other independent businesses such as by offering discounts when a client proves they’ve eaten at the sandwich shop across the street or by coming up with a shared marketing plan with the handmade jewelry store next door.

Prioritize Customer Care

How well you treat everyone who comes through your door will directly influence the success of your business. This matters not only for how welcoming and respectful you are but also how safe your environment is for clients to get tattooed. Health and safety are more of a concern for tattoo businesses than many other industries due to the nature of the work, but there are ways to simplify this. For example, make sure you use the best tattoo needles every time and clean your workstation at the end of every session. Being genuinely thoughtful about the wellbeing of your customers means that you have put service first, giving you a head start over tattoo artists who may not have the same approach. Happy clients are more likely to recommend you to a friend and leave a positive review online for others to see, boosting you organically above the competition.

Curate Your Social Media

What you post on your business accounts should be carefully tailored for your target market. If you offer a unique style of tattoo, showcase images of it on your social media. Try techniques such as filming short videos to capture your audience’s attention or encourage a cult following with humorous captions. In many ways, your social media presence is a reflection of your business, and if potential clients don’t like what they see, they won’t make an appointment with you.

Every now and then, different platforms update their algorithms, so it’s important to stay on top of the changes and adapt quickly. This might mean, for example, posting more stories or jumping onto a popular trend to get as many eyes as possible on your page.

Business ownership is hard, especially in such a competitive industry as tattooing. Opening your own tattoo business means building good relationships with people around you, including neighboring businesses. You will need to encourage positive reviews by focusing on amazing customer service and care while also managing a strong social media presence. Use these tips to develop and strengthen your tattoo business.

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