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Going to Los Angeles Then Bangkok

As amusing and exhausting as Vegas is, it’s time to leave. Gary informed me he was going to LA tomorrow and I was welcome to come.

As a result, I’m going to Los Angeles, California then I looked online and shopped around for ~20 minutes before finding a  reasonably priced 1-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand on Air China. I am not booking a hotel, merely going to some “travelers ghetto” and “sorting it out there”. It’s a long trip, not sure but I do recall seeing 19 hours of travel time. Either way it’s cheap, wired, warm and exotic over there and frankly, I’ve had enough of North America for the next while.

Not sure if I’ll update tomorrow but I bet we’ll find something, somewhere that has wifi.

Having no plan is often the best plan. If I had an exit date, this wouldn’t be happening. If I needed “an itinerary” this wouldn’t be happening, see where I’m going with this?

I’ve never been to Asia, only Europe and Central America. This is going to be a BIG change / shock to the system and I’m looking forward to it. Speaking of change, I’ve never written from a dirty tradeshow floor before… My computer is dead and this is the only jack I have. Next time you hear from me, good chance I’ll be in Asia eating cheap street meat and counting on my gregarious nature to meet up with other interesting people.

Furthermore, I can’t think of a better person to go with from Vegas to LA, Gary has been traveling the world since 2007. Need I say more?

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