The Ultimate Guide to a Foodie’s Trip to Michigan

When the urge to hit the road or skies arrives in the hearts of travelers, it usually doesn’t take long to begin packing the suitcases. Stepping away from routine and into a place where you’re free to focus on hobbies, interests, and passions within scenery that’s new and exciting is hard to resist.

For those travelers that can’t get enough of the great outdoors but value the opportunity to balance outdoor adventures with city center fun, a trip to Michigan is always a delight.

This diverse and scenic state hugs the Great Lakes, providing a landscape filled with shorelines and an inland dotted with well-known cities. From Detroit to Mackinac Island, Bridgeport to Ann Arbor, Michigan has a way with ever-changing terrain that keeps visitors coming back time and again.

Perhaps the only aspect of Michigan that rivals its thrilling landscape is its culinary scene. In fact, food enthusiasts will find that a trip this direction comes with so many options that narrowing them down to those that are a must-try can be difficult to do.

To that end, feel free to consider this the ultimate guide to a foodie’s trip to Michigan, and take advantage of opportunities to savor the many flavors this state offers up on a well-garnished plate.

martini bar in Michigan

Goodnite Gracie Jazz and Martini Bar in Royal Oak

Situated on the outskirts of Detroit, food enthusiasts, who are often beverage enthusiasts as well, will appreciate a stop at the Goodnight Gracie Jazz and Martini Bar when they’re looking to end their evening on an elegant and flavorful note.

This sophisticated and welcoming stop is located at 224 Sherman Drive and provides an impressive retro-inspired atmosphere to accompany a vast list of martini blends and other poured favorites that are sure to please the palate. Whether you’re one for whiskey, scotch, or bourbon—or prefer to pick and choose from one of the 23 listed martinis on the menu, Goodnite Gracie promises to have a little something for you.

To add to the intrigue, this dimly lit martini bar also offers up live jazz music most evenings of the week and is known for hosting open-mic nights to highlight local talent as well.

Fleetwood Diner in Ann Arbor

There’s something wonderfully nostalgic about a restaurant that speaks to eras gone by but maintains a focus on flavor that’s timeless. This concept comes to life with a stop at Fleetwood Diner in Ann Arbor. This city is often recognized for housing The University of Michigan.

That said, Fleetwood Diner is a place where students, locals and visitors alike convene to enjoy a step back in time with an amazing diner atmosphere to complete the neon-glowing scene.

Retro in ambiance, Fleetwood Diner stays ahead of the modern curve by continuing to serve up savory American classics 24 hours a day. Located at 300 S. Ashley Street, Fleetwood Diner is known for its incredible breakfast combinations featuring everything from omelettes and hash to pancakes and French toast.

Burgers, shakes, and fries are always readily available at Fleetwood Diner and never fail to please. Come on in day or night, grab a red vinyl booth and make the most of a meal that takes you back to the good old days.

Harrington’s By the Bay in Traverse City

For those food enthusiasts that favor a meal with a view, there’s nothing quite like a stop at Harrington’s By the Bay in Traverse City. Situated at 13890 S.W. Bay Shore Drive, Harrington’s By the Bay is known for a menu featuring mouthwatering seafood and steak options ready to be enjoyed in a rustic setting complete with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace and unsurpassed bay views.

Whether you drop in for lunch or dinner, Harrington’s By the Bay is the place to be when you’re in the mood to watch the boats float by while enjoying everything from prime rib to Atlantic salmon. Harrington’s By the Bay tends to be a place that guests decide to return to during a visit to Traverse City and fortunately, vacation rentals in this area are readily available. Enjoy a bayside stroll after dinner and appreciate a post-meal satisfaction that’s somehow special to a food lover’s stay in Traverse City.

Brownies are always delicious.

Buttercrust Bakery in Bridgeport

Every food lover knows that dessert should never be skipped, so a stop at Buttercrust Bakery in Bridgeport is essential to a foodie’s trip to Michigan. Located at 6181 Dixie Highway, this savory stop is an amazing place to sink your teeth into everything from cannoli cupcakes and brownies to cakes, eclairs, breads, fresh rolls and much more.

You can’t go wrong with a peanut butter and jelly long John at Buttercrust Bakery and a homemade sticky bun is sure to hit the spot. This locale is both charming and inviting with options to sample your purchase at the bakery’s small table or take your goods to go. No matter how you choose to dine, your sweet tooth will be sure to thank you.

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