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10 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home While Traveling

What would you do with a time machine that could go back to the industrial revolution? Clearly we would have invested heavily in the industries that have become things we take for granted and can’t live without today.

If we lived 100 years ago, but given the gift to know the future, we would know that there would be no choice but to get with the times if we wanted to become affluent, live comfortably, or even just survive.

Today we face a new kind of economic revolution. A technological revolution. Just as drastic of a change, those that don’t have compatible, in demand skills need to be prepared. While it’s certainly sad that many have lost their jobs because of automation, history tells us that no matter what we do, there’s nothing we can do to overrule the tide of advancement of industry. We must get with it.

While not to bum out my readers, I write this quick guide from a very personal place. My mother and father worked in the sales catalogue business. My mother was a copywriter and my father was a photographer. As the internet came to be the dominant market force for sales, the nature of photography changed and left my father jobless. My mother could not compete with copywriters who could do the same job for a fraction of the price across the world.

Work from anywhere in the world.

The new economy wasn’t kind to my parents. But it doesn’t need to be unkind to you!

This short article is meant to be a beacon of hope to those that are at a crossroads, and for those that understand that they must do something to get a piece of the new economy. The good news is, anyone can get a piece of this new economy, and the possibilities are endless.

Fast growing business ideas are out there, and they are available for you too. Right now, it’s not too late to get on the right track.

So… what is the job of the future?

Freelancing Is becoming the new industrial revolution equivalent of an assembly line job. It can pay double the average of the same job, working for a single company. From Translating to Social Media Marketing, Freelancing your select skills is the wave of the future.

Here’s the proof.

While The US economy is doing very well, and more employees are being hired than fired, many Americans are working freelance jobs on the side. While freelance numbers are hard to track by government, private companies have made some astounding discoveries.

Here are the numbers from the firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas Inc:

An estimated 53 million Americans currently freelancing which is 34% of the US workforce.

Their projections are that half of the US workforce will be working freelance by the end of the decade.

Another firm Edelman Intelligence shows 1.4 Trillion dollars are contributed to the economy by freelancers.

The cynics out there that were blessed to make vocational decisions that are compatible with this brave new economy, or those privileged enough to just be born at a time when it was obvious would make it seem your only hope is to “Hash-Tag, Learn to Code, Dude”

NO… no no no! While it’s certainly a great idea to learn to code, (and not such a big deal to learn) you do not need to learn to code to partake in this money grab. As a matter of fact, most experts agree that in the near future, coding jobs will also be automated by machines. – Tough break to my vape pen, plaid shirt, man bun friends.

There is one vocation that nearly anyone can learn, and machines can’t “take yur jurb”.. And that’s marketing.

There are two reasons why I, and many of the experts have come to this conclusion.

  1. Marketing has so many facets that almost anyone can find a niche.
  2. Machines may never be able to possess the soul and intuition to be able to speak to speak directly to a person’s Mind, heart, and soul which is derived exclusively from the human condition.

Machines will never be able to get people interested to the point where they desire to take action to buy a product or service. Only humans, who understand the complexity of why people buy can do that.

Within marketing there are so many facets and niches, that almost anyone can find their place. It can be used as a freelancing skills, as so many people are doing now, or it can be used to sell your own products or services.

This is the new gold rush. I think it’s safe to say that out of all possible jobs in this new economy marketing has the largest opportunity, and the safest bet.

Kinds of Marketing

So the next logical question that you must have is… Where do I begin?

It’s tough to get started. But I hope I’ve made a good case for change, as something you must do. To get started, there’s only 3 steps, and they are easy to follow.

1 – Pick a field in marketing

You may be someone who is very aesthetics oriented. If so, graphic design, web design, and visual content creation is very big business. The skills can even be applied to website development, as “website builders” as their called are taking over the job of programmers. This means designers need only have a keen vision for a website site, and can develop it with no knowledge of code.

You may have a talent for the written word, Content writers can make big bucks, and good copywriters are among the highest paid freelancers in the marketing world

Content writing pays very well and there is an endless need for content. Your content skills can be applied to your own business as well, and is considered one of the most important marketing strategies to build awareness for a business. Content writers have a very good amount of space to develop a story or argument that will engage your audience, so if you can sell, you can write content.

Copywriters are a bit different. They are limited by a very small amount of characters to make their argument as to why someone must buy. Copywriters are poets in their own right, and a good copywriter is one of the highest paid positions in the freelance marketing world. If you are especially gifted with words, this might be the right niche for you.

Are you a technical person? Marketing is an endless cycle of putting things out there and measuring the response. The job is fairly simple. You look at data from the various campaigns, you interpret that data, and develop an action plan around your interpretations. A lot of views but few clicks, change the audience. This stuff may seem scary at first, but believe me, it is far from rocket science. Come to think of it, is rocket science as hard as they make it out to be? A marketing analyst is needed for any marketing team to ensure that their marketing efforts, paid and organic, are getting a good return on investment and are constantly being optimized.

Jobs to make money from home with

2 – Learn

Like anything you would like to do professionally, you must learn. But what’s wonderful about this new economy, is that learning too has changed!

You no longer need to go to a university for four years of your life, take classes that have nothing to do with your desired vocation to meet academic requirements, and accrue massive debt.

In fact, through online courses you can get the same knowledge, and the same amount of study hours that you would get in a university setting, and pay next to nothing. There are even programs which will teach you marketing, and then pay you to market their product!

Yes, I do know that sounds too good to be true but it’s called affiliate marketing. And it’s BIG business, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

So when choosing to go into a specific area of marketing, it only helps to at least know about the others. If you become proficient in design tools, in great content and copywriting, in Social Media and search engines for organic and paid marketing, you are now a digital marketer.

And why not? When the courses are so inexpensive. When they are of such great quality. Why not be a one man show? It’s best to specialize in one thing but to be proficient in others. Your possibilities for freelance gigs and building your own successful business grow exponentially when you stack your knowledge. Also, you should check out for a review of some of the biggest online academy courses out there. This website is all about maintaining a balance between shady courses and the good ones. They smell out the shady ones so you don’t have to waste your time and money testing them out.

3 – Apply Your New Knowledge

You now know it. You know how to generate awareness, interest, desire, and get people to take the action you want them to do. Now all that’s left is to use your skills to make money.

If you’ve been an accountant your whole life, you now have the ability to start your own firm. Your chances for success are much higher than those that don’t know marketing because you now know the number 1 key to making your business successful.

Are you a professional restaurateur? Well, open your dream bistro, and rest easy knowing you know how to make the entire city you live in wild over the idea of your food.

I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve caught onto my point. No matter what your profession has been, because you now know digital marketing, you can ensure your success the moment the entrepreneurial spirit hits you.

But if you’re not ready to take that risk, and would like to stay at a desk job, you can freelance on the side, and earn the equivalent of a full extra income. I don’t think that many people would say no to doing a few extra hours of work to earn double their salary.

Finally, You can become an affiliate marketer. While I mentioned this is big business already, it’s perfect for those that feel they are not ready to take on a freelance job, let alone start a business. With this method, making money online has never been easier! It can be a couple extra bucks a month. It’s extremely flexible, and it is what you make of it.

The idea of affiliate marketing is that you make a deal with a company to bring him leads, and he pays you for them. You can do this with no training at all, although like anything else, those that have the knowledge have the advantage. Affiliate marketers have gone from just guys and gals going on forums and telling people to visit a particular website, to multi-million dollar companies.

It’s one business which you can work on with no pressure, and at your own pace. Instead of playing Fortnight, you can use the time to make some extra cash. Or better yet, WHILE playing Fortnight, You can tell the other players about your target product. The methods of bringing in people are only limited by your creativity.


I’ve written this article with great care. My family, and I myself have been deeply affected by the digital age. Now that you know how critical this time in our economic history, you need to adapt in order to survive. Traveling and the combination of wanting to make money can be a bit of a stress, a life coach can help with planning your goals.

Regardless if you earn your income freelancing your skills, or affiliate marketing, now is the time to build on fast growing business ideas. Things mentioned above should give you some choices.

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