Flying With Swimmer’s Ear Sucks – What You Need to Know

Flying with swimmer’s ear is no fun. Traveling by airplane with an ear infection is no laughing matter. The water in Kuta today was gross. I should not have gone in, but I did. I even went under water, a big mistake. Now it feels as though I have an ear infection in the making and I fly in ~1 week. Taking a flight with swimmer’s ear is a fate no one should endure.

flying with swimmer's ear is serious, learn how to avoid getting an ear infection.

What is swimmer’s ear?

Swimmer’s ear is when you have water trapped inside your eardrum. This water also isn’t the cleanest. What happens is the water festers and causes an infection in your ear. At this point, antibiotics are not only recommended but a necessity. It will take a few days to a week for swimmer’s ear to pass.

During this time, keep your ear dry. This means no swimming and taking measures to avoid getting water in it while showering. It’s not fun to have swimmer’s ear so the best you can do is get rid of it fast.

What does it feel like?

Ever had an ear infection? Tried flying with swimmer’s ear? It’s an ear infection when you swim and it increasingly hurts as you descend. Regarding air travel there is nothing you can do to stop the pressure. When swimming you simply stop going deeper, on an airplane you must endure the ride. During take off and touch down are the worst times. Times the unlucky soul caught in this predicament wishes they never boarded.

Know the risks of flying with swimmer’s ear

The risk of “blowing an ear drum” or even the severe pain isn’t worth it. When flying that pain just doesn’t stop, it is simply not worth it, regardless of the additional fees incurred. This is a serious risk and blowing an eardrum can result in a lifetime of problems. It’s never worth risking your hearing so pay attention, follow these instructions and have a safe flight.

As a result one should take heed and avoid a situation where they are flying with an ear infection.

Don’t fly if you have one

The risks are severe when flying with an ear infection of any kind. You could pop your ear drum and experience most extreme discomfort at the very least. As a result one should take heed and avoid a situation where they are flying with an ear infection.

Try not to swim ~5-7 days before flying if the water looks dirty. If the locals tell you the water is dirty, pay even more attention. Kuta Beach is known for having lots of dead fish and garbage wash up this time of year. Plenty of dead fish on the beach today, that should be all the warning anyone needs.

If you do have an ear infection, don’t bother flying. If you have swimmer’s ear, skip your flight. Even if it means “biting the bullet” and extending a visa, paying a late fee and having to change flights. Once sure an ear infection is present, make the change as soon as possible. Often times if you are ~24 hours in, they won’t let you or the fee is significantly increased.

How to avoid an Swimmer’s Ear or any other ear infection

It’s easy to avoid an ear infection. The main tip is to keep your head above water when swimming. Another popular method is to put in ear plugs. There are speciality ear plugs you can buy for swimming which keep the water out. Some people are more prone to getting ear infections than others. Usually people with a weak immune system, children or the elderly.

In closing, flying with swimmer’s ear is to be avoided. If you believe you have an ear infection go see a medical professional. If you do have an ear infection and need to take a flight, strongly consider rescheduling, especially if the infection is painful.

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