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Bus & Ferry from Bali to Probolinggo

Moving on to Java, Indonesia tomorrow. Booked a bus / ferry shuttle for 170,000Ru from Kuta, Bali to Probolinggo, Java. You can get it for ~150,000Ru if you go to the station but it’s not so close. As a result for an extra 20,000 they pick me up near my hotel, sounds good to me.  Leaves at 5:30PM and arrives in Probolinggo @ ~2am the next morning, great. From Probolinggo I go to Cemoro Lawang, right near the base of Mount Bromo which is pictured above.  Then make my way to Yogy to hang out for New Years before heading to Jakarta for that flight to Vietnam.

Through the power of social networking, some Canadians I ran into in Thailand are in Bali, staying just down the street. Going to meet them for a drink in 1 hour. Also supposed to meet up with some Spanish ladies for a drink. Time to combine the parties, indeed.

Now that I’m going tomorrow, I am already thinking I may switch ticket to stay one more day. Truth be told, I’ve had a great time here but it is very much time for a change of scenery.

I’m also “changing my mind on guidebooks”. This girl has done the same trek I am taking through Java. From Bali -> Probilinggo – some other town – Yogy – Jakarta. I asked her a bunch of questions and she said “it’s all in Lonely Planet”. I may have to break down and pick one up.

Anyways, it’s the holidays and web traffic besides social media sites are slow as sin. As a result I’ll save my breath and hands and get busy doing whatever it is that I”ll be doing after this.

Good day,

4 thoughts on “Bus & Ferry from Bali to Probolinggo

  1. gunug bromo is AMAZING! you are going to feaking love it. be sure you can hike (or take a 4×4), me i hiked. it was dark. at times it was steep. but in the end the sights were reward enough + you will not be rushed off by some driver instead of going at your own pace. either way bring some warm clothes for the night hike and early arrival (well at least i did and it was september/august ish). if hiking you should leave 1amish to get to the lookout in time for sunrise. a tripod is helpful once up there when the light is lower the silhouette of the looming volcanos is wicked. once you’ve had the fill of the lookout you can hike down to the crater and then climb right up the lip, stinky but again, wicked! the mangos up in bromo are the best ive ever had, i suspect it has something to do with the volcanic soil but that is merely me speculating.
    well success, you are making me one very jealous person. i loved it there.

    when you get to yogi, head to borrobidur…i will say nothing other than make sure you are there before the sun rises.

  2. Thanks for all the info. I get in super early tonight and for some reason there was a party in my room, much to my chagrin when I got home at 1am and was extremely ready to “pass out”.

    Some lady told me about the mango flavor up there, I am addicted to them and will eat one for you.

  3. Hi Rob,
    I was just wondering if you could tell me where you booked the bus from Bali to Probolinggo? Do you by any chance remember the schedule? Also, did you book your ticket from Probolinggo to Yogyakarta from the same website? 2 of my friends and I are going to Indonesia this June and planning to take the same route as you did 2 years ago. Thank you for your help! I greatly appreciate it =)


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