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Fashion Trends: Is Vaping Now a Style Accessory?

Vapes today are what classic cigarettes were in the 60s! Everybody is either using one or thinking of buying one, including people who have never tried a cigarette.

Vapes have taken the modern world by storm. So much so that they are almost like a fashion accessory, something you carry along on a night out to add that extra bit of edginess and cool you are craving.

So, is vaping now a style accessory? Yes, it is! Continue reading to find out why.


What Is Vaping?

Vaping goes by many names (e-cigarette, e-cig, vaporizer, mod, e-ciggie, etc.), but by definition, it is the act of inhaling vapor through a vape device. The devices are electronic, so this means you have to charge them up if you want to take a hit. You can do this via charger or battery, depending on your device.

This vapor from e-cigs is considered healthier than cigarette smoke. It contains nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and/or vegetable glycerin (VG). The PG is responsible for the hit and the flavors, while the VG helps create dense, fluffy clouds.

There are many vaping methods and devices you can try. In fact, that’s one of vaping’s most appealing sides. Dry herb vapes, cig-a-likes, vape bongs, pod mods, vape pens, you name it! Each has a special design and offers a different experience.

How Does It Feel Like?

Vapes’ initial purpose was to imitate and eventually replace cigarettes. So, they provide a similar experience – a scratchy throat sensation and a soul-soothing vibe. However, vapes are considered a healthier alternative.

The best thing about them, though, is that they are adjustable. You can choose the type of hit and vapor that will fit your preference. In other words, each vape provides a different feel. For example, you can get softer hits by lowering the temperatures of your vape pen or choosing a vape juice with more VG than PG.

Plus, you are able to try different vape flavors. Whether strawberry, mint, coffee, or pancakes with maple syrup, the variety of flavors really adds something unique to the experience.

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Vapes are so popular these days because there are too many to count. But let’s start with the variety of vaping products and accessories available on the market.

A Competitive Market

You can truly find all types of vape products, from coffee-flavored e-juices to vape bongs shaped like Coca-Cola cans. Not only that, but you can adjust the vape pen you already have – change some of its parts and upgrade features. That last one is perfect for tech wizards with a knack for nicotine!

Making a Statement

The variety of available devices, juices, and accessories makes vapes an exciting fashion item for all generations. It’s as if the type of vape you have represents your character! So, is it something sleek and mysterious, a fun, quirky design, or a DIY vape pen you made from scratch? All the details matter. Simply put, vapes speak louder than words.


In general, vapes are more convenient than regular cigs. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy a pack or about the nasty smoke and odors that come from cigarettes. Plus, people are more open to vaping, with some states allowing vapes indoors. To make things even better, you can order a unique vape that’s easy to hide. It can be in the form of a USB stick, remote control, or even a phone.

Being Bold

Nothing screams fashion like being edgy! And vapes are just that! Even though they are generally more accepted than traditional cigarettes, vaping is still looked down upon. It seems the reputation of their predecessors has transferred to them as well. However, this is part of their appeal and the reason why they make a great fashion statement piece.

Health-related Issues

There is still a lack of studies on vaping. After all, it’s a new product that had some issues in its beginnings. However, researchers have concluded that vaping is safer than smoking. Not only that, but it can help you transition to a lower nicotine intake and soothe your addiction. It’s the best alternative to smoking that currently exists.

Vaping vs. Cigarettes

It’s obvious that traditional nicotine smoking is slowly exiting the stage and being replaced by this new exciting electronic device. Now you might wonder what makes these two so different and why people strongly argue for and against the other.

Well, as we mentioned, vapes are generally healthier than cigarettes. Yes, both contain nicotine, but this substance is not the one causing lung cancer and a variety of other health issues.

Nicotine only causes addiction, while the other hundreds of substances found in traditional cigs are much more harmful. Luckily, you can’t find these substances in vape juice! Plus, the smoke you inhale when smoking is much more concerning than the vapor you inhale from vapes. 

The following reason why people prefer vapes over cigs is very simple – they are cooler. Coming in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, a vape can satisfy all tastes. Plus, you get the ultimate personalized smoking experience by adjusting temperatures and hitting intensity.

On the other hand, some people prefer cigs because of their vintage vibes and simpler usage. But rumor has it that smoking is living it’s final days.

Should I Start Vaping?

Honestly, it’s not our place to tell you that. Yes, vaping is fun and cool, but it’s not for everyone. For instance, you should seriously consider avoiding vapes if you are suffering from respiratory issues or simply want to improve your health.

But if you are in good shape and don’t mind a bit of vapor in your lungs, go for it! It’s definitely a cool accessory for impressing friends at night outs, especially if you are into playing around with tech gadgets. 

Vaping is also an excellent method for quitting regular cigarettes. Smokers transfer from one to the other, gradually reducing nicotine strength and hitting intensity to overcome their addiction. So, whether it’s trendy or not, vaping can actually be of help if you are trying to quit tobacco.

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