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The Benefits of a Home Generator During a Disaster

If you’ve experienced severe weather in your community, you’re not alone: 43% of people in the U.S. say they have, too. Nearly the same percentage (42%) also said they went through long periods of unusual heat.

All that’s bad enough, but severe weather has also made power outages more common. Indeed, weather-related blackouts in the U.S. have doubled within the last two decades.

Those figures show how a home generator can be one of your best investments.

How so? What exactly are the benefits of home generators?

We’ve listed their top perks and pros below, so keep reading.


Keep the Lights on During Outages

During a disaster, having a reliable home generator from Generator Supercenter can ensure continuous power, offering invaluable safety and comfort benefits for you and your family. One reason is that such machines deliver power straight to a home’s electrical system. So as soon as the grid stops working, your home backup generator can kick in to save the day.

Stay Safe at Home 

The best home generators automatically start as soon as the power supply from the grid gets cut off. As explained by the folks from Generator Supercenter Heartland, many backup power generators can detect an outage and start producing electricity in as little as ten seconds. Thus, you don’t have to worry about fumbling in the dark, which can make you slip, trip, or fall. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on dangerous candles, which cause an average of 20 fires in U.S. homes daily.

However, not all generators have automatic start-ups; only permanent ones often do. Also, if you don’t want to refuel it, it should run on your existing liquid propane (LP) or natural gas line. 

Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and Champion are brands that make such whole-house standby generators. You can start your search online by looking up “Generac dealer near me.” You can then compare its products with similar ones from other brands.

Keep Your Water Filtration System Running

Natural disasters, and the floods they cause, can damage drinking water wells. That can lead to the contamination of drinking water with waste, sewage, and chemicals. Drinking contaminated water, in turn, can lead to severe waterborne illnesses.

Having a whole-house filtration system can help in such situations. In addition, boiling and disinfecting it afterward can further make it safe.

However, if your filtration system runs on electricity, it won’t be much help if the power is out. But if you have a home generator, you can use it to keep the system running, giving you access to safe water.

Avoid Food Spoilage

Many power outages last for only a few hours, but some last for half a day or several days. By contrast, an unopened, unpowered fridge can only keep its contents cold for four hours.

After that, the fridge’s interior temp climbs, putting its contents at risk of spoilage. If it becomes warm enough to reach 40 °F, bacteria can start multiplying in your food. After 20 minutes in that temperature range, it would have enough bacteria to make you sick.

If you have a long-lasting generator at home, you can worry less about such food spoilage. After all, your fridge won’t go unpowered, so it can keep its contents cold and fresh.

Invest in a Home Generator Today

As you can see, having a home generator can be quite a lifesaver during disasters. From keeping your home lit to your water safe, it lets you enjoy all these benefits (and more).

So, why not consider investing in a high-quality, whole-house generator ASAP? That way, you’ll be better prepared when the next disaster strikes.

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