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Dressing Sharp: Fashion Tips for Men

Just like the song says, everybody is crazy for a sharp-dressed man, and there are some classic ways that you can ensure you are dressing for success. Keeping yourself well dressed doesn’t have to be difficult, by following some easy tips you can keep yourself well dressed with ease.

Wardrobe Essentials

Your wardrobe essentials are staple pieces that you must have in your closet to make sure you can always put together a functional and fashionable outfit, no matter the occasion. These pieces can be mixed and matched to give you ample choices to create amazing looks.

Casual Wear

Casual wear is the day-to-day wear that you will rotate out daily. Whether you are going for drinks or running to the store, you will find yourself easily putting together a fashionable look with ease. Even if you are dressing on your days off, you can still be fashionably casual, check out the off-duty outfits from the bespoke post website, a combination of comfort and charm that will leave you looking handsome and fabulous. For casual wear, you want to make sure you have a go-to jacket, some well-tailored jeans, and your standard plain white T-Shirt. This will allow you to be together in classic and well-put-together outfits quickly on your off days. 

The great part of having a staple pair of tailored jeans is that you can dress them up or dress them down depending on your situation. You can throw them on to pick up the kids from school, or you can dress them up with a cheeky jacket and pair of dress shoes to hit the town. Your casual wear will be some of your most used items, so you want to make sure they are high-quality and long-lasting.

Formal Wear

While formal wear is not worn daily, it is something you want to have available in your wardrobe. A great place to begin with formal wear is to have a standard tuxedo or dress suit available to you. Start with adding classic black pants and a jacket to your wardrobe, and ensure they are well-tailored to fit your body. Having a classic white button-down shirt will allow you to put together a formal wear outfit with ease. Depending on the event you will be going to, you may want to consider having some pocket squares ready and available in different colours, to either match your companion’s clothing or the event colours.

You can add to your formal wear collection by getting some blazers in different textures and colours to offer you inspired choices that will leave you looking sharp. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, styles, prints and textures in your collection. Whether for weddings, fundraisers or galas, having a few options ready and waiting in your wardrobe will have you a step ahead and ready to take on any formal event.

Business Wear

Business suits are a must in any man’s wardrobe. While you may work in a business casual environment, having a great suit (or two) in your closet is imperative to having a fashionable business presence. Utilized for interviews, performance reviews or client meetings you want to make sure your suits are complete, with well-hemmed pants, clean and pressed dress shirts, and well-fitted jackets.

Having a good selection of ties can allow you to change the look of your suits without needing multiple. Having a few jacket and pants options will allow you to mix and match and create great looks without breaking the bank or having your closet burst.

Choose standard colours for your pants and jacket, and add a pop of colour to your shirts and ties. Business suits don’t have to be boring, you can experiment with colours, patterns and textures within your shirts and ties to give your outfits some added oompf.

Dressing sharp doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to have a different outfit to make your looks fashionable. By changing out your shirts, and accessorizing with belts, ties and pocket squares you will easily find yourself being fashion-forward and complimented on your superb style.

By focusing on getting stape pieces tailored and pressed to perfection, you will be able to create amazing looks at the drop of a hat, no matter what the occasion calls for. Remember, tailoring your clothes will take them to the next level with well-fitting fashion choices. So focus on these staple pieces and you will rake in the compliments once you are dressed sharp whether it’s for work or play.

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