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Discovering Namtok Moo in Bangkok

Nom Tok Moo


If you’re like me, you have a typical tourist problem of not knowing what to order, ever. Most little street stalls don’t have English menus, heck some don’t even have menus. As a result, we tend to eat too much chicken fried rice, too much pad thai, soup and whatever else is easy. Broke the mold and found myself eating namtok moo…

I was determined to try something new. I just stood near the chef until he made something tasty looking. Then pointed as though “me too”. It was delicious. Another way is to look around the other people eating and let the lady or gent working there know what it is.

Nom Tok Moo

As a result? Had my first Namtok Moo (moo is pork FYI). I’d seen a dish that resembles it many times. Arguably one of the best Thai dishes I’ve had yet. It’s got everything I love AND MORE. It’s also a great first date or pre-interview dish loaded with garlic and onion and some random herbs.

Anyways, love it so much just ordered one now in room service. Turns out the one in room service was ~same size, 2x the price and about 79.232% as good. Go figure? That said, it wasn’t cooked over an open sewer, which is nice, yes? Also had a papaya salad. If you get one, seriously say “Nitnoy spicy”. I like spicy but if you don’t you may not even be able to finish it.

Nom Tok Moo

Try the point and eat game, it’s a game changer.

Just say NO to (whatever) fried rice!


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