Downtown in Vancouver, BC, Canada


This photo was taken from a friends apartment in downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver is very different than any other city in Canada. Its the only place that is surrounded by mountains and ocean. There is a famous commercial back home that it’s one of the few places in the world where you can go kayaking, mountain biking and skiing in the same day if one were so inclined.

The people tend to be very laid back and it has a huge Asian influence. Many of the buildings are built by Asian developers and there are lots of Asian people living there. Makes sense considering China / Japan and the rest of Asia are just on the other side of the Pacific.

Vancouver is truly a unique part of Canada. Think about it, Canada is massive, if it was any other continent, Vancouver would be ~5-10 countries away from say Ottawa, let alone Halifax. If you were going to visit 1 part of Canada, I’d recommend to British Columbia. Vancouver may still be my favorite city in the world.

Ever been to Vancouver? Right up there with Amsterdam.


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