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Deep Sea Fishing on Little Corn Island

Good day,

Here’s the summary for those of you with ADHD – went deep sea fishing off Little Corn Island with Captain Randy from Three Brothers and helped pull in over 70 yellow tail today. Can you say !?!? I’ve never witnessed in my entire life such abundance, let alone of the protein filled delicious variety. We fished for a while and nothing happened except the dog got sea sick, I was starting to feel green as we trolled towards Jamaica with nothing biting…

Suddenly we hit this spot and Randy tells his son Randy to drop the anchor and our lines go in. No more than 10 seconds later and the Captain has a fish in the line, his son has one. Not long after I get a bite and lose it, go figure. This spot was out there and before long it became what every fisherman ever dreamed of, a pure straight up feeding frenzy where every cast you throw gets action as it hits the ocean floor. I lost most of them as they are tricky and I’m a novice with the hand line – it’s easier, faster and more rewarding but requires a sense of feel I’m lacking.

Back to the feeding frenzy, they were coming out like they were going out of style like every yellow tail in the vast Caribbean Sea wanted to join the suicide party taking place in the bottom of our boat. Personally pulled in 5-10 fish, Randy Junior kept his fish separate to count them and tallied 25 and Captain Randy was just pulling them out non stop as though it was some fishing commercial for the hottest new lure on the scene. We used a heavy weight to get it to bottom, tied a hook 3 feet up and put 1 sardine on.

After a few yellow tails came in, took a small one and put a hook through its back and threw it overboard attached to a much thicker line that Captain Randy held. Within 15 seconds it got a massive tug and the fish was gone. We reloaded and never felt a thing. After several hours and roughly 70+ fish being brought in we decided to call it a day.

We trolled around the northern coast effectively making a tour of the island. The island is so much larger than you imagine when living there. The size of the island and what is accessible from the main roads / common through ways are totally different but back to fishing already…

On the way in we trolled with a small yellow tail for barracuda and caught nothing but the fish was cut up aka got a solid bite. On the topic of Barracuda… While we were going out to sea we noticed a massive storm come in hit the island, it was intense. One of those clouds that rained hard but left as quick as it came. Not far from us was a gent in a small 10 foot aluminum boat with 15HP outboard motor…

It had a cool blue canopy with a cooler below and an attractive Spanish lady sitting in the front. As we cruised by I noticed him holding the line up and struggling while bracing himself on the side of the boat. His other hand sent a large hook through the side of an even larger barracuda and he hauled it into his boat before throwing it in his cooler, he’s as manly as they come. Then watched him make sure it was dead as the lady in the front smiled.

Today was one of the best days since leaving my job in September 2009.

If you want to go deep sea fishing with Captain Randy, contact him at Three Brothers Guesthouse and the price is $25 a person.

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