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Ziploc All Your Electronics Before Every Trip

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It’s Friday and the sun is rising behind me, I know this as the glare on the screen is becoming problematic. That said, just glad I still HAVE A SCREEN. When you’re traveling, a tip that is often overlooked is wrapping your gear in zip lock bags. Ever thought of that? Maybe, I sure didn’t…

The photo above is on Big Corn Island. On the panga from El Rama to Bluefields, it began raining and naturally, I began stressing. Then things really got wet on the cargo ship from Bluefields / Bluff to Corn Islands. When I say got wet, I mean I left my bag somewhere, woke up in a rain storm and everything was soaked.

My laptop got so wet that I had to empty the entire bag, open up the laptop, remove the water with tissue then let the sun do it’s thing. When you arrive to one of the most remote locations you’ve ever been, plan on staying and your laptop is soaking wet it’s terrifying. Maybe not terrifying but really, really scary if you’re a web type. Also waited 8 hours to even turn the laptop on, when I saw the power come it was a feeling so divine I can’t explain it any further.

All this could have been avoided had I packed large Ziploc freezer bags to cover my electronics. You often see people with a small zip lock when going on a boat with their camera. If you’re traveling and getting wet / long boat trips may be in the cards, wrap up the gear – you’ll be thankful.

So yes, today’s travel tip is to always make sure your electronics are protected, you never know when they’ll get drenched but I assure you that if / when it happens you’ll be thankful. The whole ” I think my computer is dead ” meme sorta clouded my experience on the last part of the trip for no reason.

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