Cheap Massages & Beach Sunsets in Bali, Indonesia


Today we’re going to view via the video above the madness that is the Legian / Kuta, Bali, Indonesia region as well as the important matter of cheap massages and a pretty stellar beach sunset… I’m slowly recovering from a most monumental illness of sorts that has left me lethargic and otherwise completely useless for most of the last week. It was a combo of several things but you deserve to know why it has been slow and uninspired around here, yes?

First off, the traffic is pretty nuts in the area. I don’t recommend anyone rent a motorbike unless they really know what they’re doing. Go rent one in the hills somewhere but this place is a circus to say the least and the majority of injuries / deaths to tourists in the area are from those donor machines. The massages are cheap and you can get them literally anywhere. Also, the sunsets on the Kuta / Legian beach are pretty spectacular and always a big crowd hanging out; good times and not to be missed if you’re in the area.

It’s Friday the 13th today so if weird stuff happens you have an excuse, right?

Tips hat,

P.S: I’ve been living on a friend’s couch this week and makes me realize how little is need to be comfortable.

P.P.S: Click here to see a vlog I made from what CNN voted #1 Sunset Venue in the world, I’ll post it at some point.

Author: SHABL

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8 thoughts on “Cheap Massages & Beach Sunsets in Bali, Indonesia

  1. Now I glad to see your still alive! … I was just about to call Bali and get the manhunt on the way,, How long should we wait before getting worried,, And did you start a fund for the ransom?? Might want to think about that.


    1. Of course I have a ransom fund and I can see you calling “0” and saying “transfer me to Bali at once!”

      I believe / hope the worst is behind me.

  2. Strong vlog bro. Looked a little sweaty after the massage hahahaha. Glad to see your alive and doing your thang!! Place looks awesome.

    1. Ha! It’s the creams and yeah can’t go wrong and they have those places literally everywhere. It’s almost impossible to go for a stroll without having one.

      Hope things are well on your end, good sir.

  3. Awesome man. But I don’t really agree on the motorbikes =) I have been driving there for two months and it is fine. It is not as busy as in Thailand or Vietnam and the traffic is really slow because of the jams everywhere as well.

    The sunsets in Legian and also Ulutwatu are amazing!

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