Singapore was Sick, Leaving for London, England…


I arrived in Singapore on something like August 21st and tonight, I’m flying to London, England. I  have mixed emotions about leaving as I truly do love it here in Singapore but the entire time has been shadowed by a sickness I picked up on the 3rd day here. Hence my time in Singapore has been sick in a good and most horrific way that drags the days and lets you have fun but also makes you pay… Suffice to say, tomorrow its time to fly to London and get on with such said play.

I mentioned earlier that on the 3rd day I shook hands with “The Programmer” who is reporting from London that he is on his deathbed. I have no clue what this guy gave me but my recent run of antibiotics only tamed it. It makes one feel like every part of their body is heavy with a dehydrated feeling in the old mind which is a bind that not even a few liters of water will help unwind. That said, Singapore has been amazing and this tiny island city state has become dear to my heart. It has everything you need and more to live a fulfilling life. Sure the rent is absurd and owning a car almost comical but that aside, bliss.

This trip also took us to Bali which has quickly risen to the top of my list of places to return to year after year. It kinda has it all and the internet has skyrocketed in speed since I was last there in 2010. It has world class beaches, friendly people, affordable everything and variety. You can go spend $2 or $200 on dinner and leave satisfied and feeling like a winner. It’s also got some crazy nightlife should you be in the mood to be a sinner after such said dinner… I’ve only scratched the surface of what this island has to offer and hope to return one day as I’ve never regretted a day spent on Bali, never.

I’m flying with my friends at British Airways tonight unless the plane is full in which case, I’ll fly the next night. I’ll be just outside London for a about a week before I reveal the next crazy destination we’re going to go visit. In England I’ll be visiting some family as well as catching up with a friend I met on the beaches of Sri Lanka in 2010, seriously. What’s great about connecting with lifetime travelers is that you can connect years later and it’s the same old song and dance.

I will also note this, without your health you have nothing, seriously nothing. Without your health, the comfy clouds of heavenly destinations can feel like punishing rock pillows in hell or a lifetime tied to an office chair watching reruns of “Saved by the Bell”. I’d like to thank everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting in Singapore and Indonesia, a truly great time. The last three weeks have been incredible and had I only ever gone on this vacation, I’d have stories for a lifetime.

Despite feeling like a dirty doormat on death’s doorstep here is what we’ve done…

  1. Settling into my Short Term Apartment Rental in Singapore
  2. Breakfast at Chin Mee Chin & Drinks on Haji Lane, Singapore
  3. Singapore Has Been Sweet & Bouncing to Bali, Indonesia
  4. The Fashion Festival at The Stones Hotel in Bali, Indonesia
  5. Lobster Lunch and a Side Street Supper in Bali, Indonesia
  6. Bali Helicopter Trip: Legian to Uluwatu for Lunch
  7. Hydrotherapy at Ayana & Sunset at Potato Head in Bali
  8. Room at The Stones Hotel & BACK in BALI! – VLOG
  9. Presidential Suite aka Penthouse at The Stones Hotel, Bali – VLOG
  10. A Night at The Fashion Festival in Bali, Indonesia – VLOG
  11. Trip to the Aquatonic Seawater Pool at Ayana in Bali – VLOG
  12. Room at Days Hotel in Singapore – Lost Passport & Travel Talk – VLOG
  13. Orchard Road, Agnes B Snap Cardigan & Ice Cold Beer – VLOG
  14. Room & Jazz Club at The Sultan Hotel – VLOG
  15. Helicopter Ride Over Bali, Indonesia – VLOG
  16. Cheap Massages & Beach Sunsets in Bali, Indonesia
  17. Rock Bar at Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali -> Youtube

Ultimately, I’m leaving with a smile, more worldly and wiser than when I came and to me, that’s a big part of travel.

If you’re from North America, come visit; it’s worth the extra couple hours watching movies on the plane…

Tips hat,

P.S: Supposedly the weather is harsh and depressing in England, no shocker there…

Author: SHABL

Rob has been traveling the world and living abroad for over a decade. The goal was to stop having a boring life and it turned into something far greater. He's worked with national tourism boards and been mentioned in National Geographic. These days he lives abroad and loves business, technology, the tropical lifestyle, good food and travel.

6 thoughts on “Singapore was Sick, Leaving for London, England…

  1. Thanks for sharing it all with us, a truly lifetime experience.
    Hope your feeling better. Have a pint on us in the UK.
    Cheers W.

  2. “The Programmer” has only just recovered from whatever nasty stuff that was. I think my entire immune system was down and I caught a new thing in London. Today’s the first day I am back to normal. Flu jabs could be a wonderful piece of advice for would-be travellers!

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