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Best Places to Work Online & Live in 2015?!

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While I was back in Ottawa I teamed up with my friend Sam from Nomadic Samuel and we decided to do a few videos. I’ve been traveling as you know since September, 2009 and Sam somewhat similar. We’ve both lived around the world, have travel jobs and work as hard as we play so I figured nobody better than him to talk with about top / best places to work online and live in 2015. Some of the destinations you’ll know and a few others will probably be ones you haven’t thought about.

An important takeaway is that you need to consider the 3 C’s… They are connectivity, cost and climate. If a destination doesn’t score favourably for all three of these then chances are it’s not a good place for you. If you want to extend that slightly it’s CCCV because another important one is visas… Can you get visa on arrival? How long does the visa allow you to stay? How easily is it renewed or extended?


In 2015, I’m keen on numerous places but one of them is the Azores in the North Atlantic. It’s removed from everything but very affordable by European standards, a temperate climate and unreal connectivity. I had the pleasure of visiting there in late 2014 and for the first time since the Corn Islands, fell in love near instantly. I’ll be back at some point this year and the reason I mention this is that sometimes the best places for you are where you least expect.


Also, besides cost, climate and connectivity you need to consider what you like doing when you’re not working, yes? I like golfing, fishing, hiking and such as well as seafood so Azores rank high but I can see how it wouldn’t be a good spot for others. Do you like kitesurfing? If so try and find the best combo of cost, climate and connectivity for a major kitesurfing destination and the list goes on and on and on… You need to realize what’s most important to you but also realize that the three C’s must be present as well.


I’ve based in a few cities before but I work online so I now figure why bother? I like clean air, peacefulness, rugged natural beauty and small towns or villages where I get to know people. I guess my base style could best be described as being somewhere which most consider to be in the middle of nowhere… Then again, I rarely stay somewhere longer than a few months so perhaps that’s why I like these isolated destinations because once I leave, I’m back in the thick of things…

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