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Train Mission to Meteora, Greece – Vlog


Good day!

Below is a video I made a while ago after leaving Athens and heading to Meteora which are these crazy Greek Christian Orthodox Monasteries setup high on the hills. In this video I’m traveling with friends and we need to take a ~5 hour train ride from Athens to Kalabaka. I was beyond tired at this point from a crazy week in Jordan, an amazing time in Athens and guess what? We almost missed the train…

My new friend Alex from Finding the Freedom went on a gyro mission which I can’t fault because we basically flipped a coin on who was going to go. This man is a determined one and he was set on finding some gyros because when in Athens… You eat gyros. Turns out he did find some but the lady was taking FOREVER to make them so we nearly missed our train; at the last minute he did what anyone would do and just bounced before running full speed to meet up with me and catch our train just before it left.

Stay tuned in the next episode for a tour of the Meteora Monasteries.

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