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Benching in Budapest

Good day,

Spent the day benching, what is benching? It’s sitting on park benches in the sun and people / pigeon watching. Sometimes you see people who could best be described as pigeons as well, as absurd as that may sound.

Yesterday, met up with a friend and one of her friends. Roamed the streets until somehow we managed to find ourselves in a beauty salon and ended up hanging with the staff before others showed up and hit up several night clubs.

If given the option, would take Budapest over Prague, some great night life and it was only a Wednesday. Going to places with local people is very different then played out bars on pub crawls where the local people are probably sick of obnoxious tourists…

Warm day today, spent some time lying in the park, it was packed. Also at Deak For aka downtown they are building a pretty cool skate park, not sure why North America has so few yet so many restrictions on where people can skate, does not add up.

Tomorrow concludes 3.5 months in Europe. Leaving is bitter sweet but so are most things in life. Looking forward to Bangkok for the weekend then, as of now, plan on heading to Chiang Mai on a night train Sunday.

Can’t believe it has been 3.5 months and a lot of countries, lots of experiences and lots of fun. People say Europe is a good time and they are right, believe the hype, believe the hype.

Excited about getting an apartment, that was the original plan all along but somehow it turned into what it did, not sure how that happened, really. All started on Khao San Road with someone suggesting check the islands and the rest is history.

Hit up the Embassy today, should be no problem for the 60day tourist visa, we shall see what becomes of it. If it works out, it was brain dead easy to get and recommend doing it before you get there, once you do you will probably want to stay longer than 30 days, most people do.

Tonight, meeting a blogger friend, grabbing something to eat and well, pretty much saying goodbye to Europe. Hopefully I will return, that said, fortunate to have the chance to go in the first place…

Lots of people ask when returning to “the real world”? WTF?


P.S: I used to be a fat, wrote a book on how to lose 40lbs in 4 months. In the first 2 weeks of being in Thailand, I will release it, full money back guarantee and your wallet will get fatter while you get thinner, stay tuned.

Search Du Jour?: “Family Life is Boring” – Result.

Whoever is in a relationship with this searcher is pretty lucky…

Hope they cleared the history, ha.

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