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    60+ Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Scotland

    Greetings, Below is a collection of photos taken from a trip through Scotland that I had the pleasure of enjoying last August. Scotland is incredibly scenic, more than most...


    Changes Are Coming

    Greetings, The time is now 3:17am as I write this from my house which I like to call “The Fort” here on Little Corn Island. It’s been quiet around...


    Six Years of International Living

    Greetings, Today marks six years that I’ve been living internationally. I’d say it has been six years of traveling but that wouldn’t be the case, I haven’t been “on...


    Getting to Know Glasgow, Scotland

    Greetings, Today I’d like to talk about getting to know Glasgow, Scotland. There are plenty of different tours in Glasgow and the ones that I experienced are the Glasgow...


    Tour of St Andrews, Scotland

    Today we’re going to talk about a tour of St Andrews, Scotland I recently experienced with Rabbie’s tours. The tour left from a central location just across the North...


    Scotland is Incredibly Scenic

    I’m writing this from Edinburgh, Scotland and sadly I’m heading home tomorrow. The last week or so has been incredible and I got to see a side of Scotland...