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    Time for Another Trip to Scotland

    Greetings, I’m writing this from “The Cottage” on Little Corn Island and I’m delighted to share with you that soon, I’ll be returning to a favourite country of mine...

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    Celebrating New Beginnings Through Travel

    This post is written in co-operation with our friends at The Ritz-Carlton. They are in the business of helping people around the world celebrate something important away from home....

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    World Ducati Week 2016 and Globetrotter 90

    If you like motorcycles, lots of interesting people and parties, you’ll probably love World Ducati Week just like I did. This was my first time experiencing it and hopefully...


    Now Is The Time To Visit Scotland: 6 Reasons To Go Soon

    Due to the reasons we list below and others, now is the time to visit Scotland. With attention-grabbing scenery, a deep history and distinct culture, there are plenty of...


    Republic of San Marino, a European Country You Need to Visit

    Recently I visited the Republic of San Marino and was taken away with its beauty, charm and history. This small republic is one I had heard of for years...

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    Sailing on Lake Maggiore, Italy

    Lake Maggiore is a beautiful spot in northern Italy and a popular destination worldwide for good reason. The day we went, the weather was near perfect and we spent the...