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    10 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Stellenbosch

    Greetings, I’m writing this with a smile on my face thinking of the most wonderful week that I was just lucky enough to have in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Many people...


    Off to Experience Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Greetings, I’m writing this from an airport; there’s no feeling like being in transit to start your next trip. This is the beginning of my trip back to a country...

    little corn island nicaragua drone

    Little Corn Island Drone Footage

    Greetings, Today I would like to share with you some Little Corn Island drone footage. I’m not the magician who filmed this wonderful video, my friend John is. That said,...

    building overseas

    10 Ways Building Overseas Changed My Life

    Greetings, I’ve been building overseas  on Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea for the last 13.5 months. I left home in 2009 and...


    Places to Visit in Lombardy, Italy

    Have you ever visited or heard of the Lombardy region of Italy? Do you know much about the area? I’m sure you’ve heard of a few places to visit in...


    Big Corn Island, Nicaragua Tour

    Greetings, Today we’re going to go on a tour of Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. Big Corn is what most people call it but the reality of the matter is,...