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    Taste of Nightlife in Belgrade, Serbia

    Greetings, I’m back in Belgrade and quite thrilled about it, I dare say. The nightlife in Belgrade is legendary and last night I got a small taste of it...


    It’s Time to Explore Serbia #MySerbia

    Greetings, I’m writing this with a big smile on my face because tomorrow I’m leaving my current base and making my way to the airport. In a few days,...


    Building My Dream House – Alta Vista

    Greetings, My usual blogging schedule has been interrupted by building in the Caribbean and making daily video blogs. That said, this is a creative outlet that has brought me...


    A Night in Bho Hoong, Vietnam

    Greetings, Not long ago I spent a night in a small village called Bho Hoong which is nestled in the Truong Son mountain range which is also known as...


    The Benefits of Slow Travel

    Greetings, I recently wrote a piece for my friends at Flights.com which featured my top reasons to give slow travel a chance. I figured I’d follow up with a...


    Adventures in Annamite Mountains & Hue, Vietnam

    Greetings, I’m writing this from central Vietnam not long after sunrise and feeling fantastic. Yesterday was one of those travel days where you know you’re going somewhere special and...