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    The Benefits of Slow Travel

    Greetings, I recently wrote a piece for my friends at Flights.com which featured my top reasons to give slow travel a chance. I figured I’d follow up with a...


    Adventures in Annamite Mountains & Hue, Vietnam

    Greetings, I’m writing this from central Vietnam not long after sunrise and feeling fantastic. Yesterday was one of those travel days where you know you’re going somewhere special and...


    Exploring Central Vietnam

    Greetings, I’m writing this at ~6:04am in the small village of  Bho Hoong which is in the mountains and not far from the Loatian border in central Vietnam. Yesterday...


    Shopping & Soup in Hong Kong

    Good day, Today I went shopping in Hong Kong and it was amazing. I had long since heard that Hong Kong was a great place to buy electronics so...


    Exploring Hong Kong

    Good day, Yesterday was grand and my first time back in Asia in a while, I had missed Asia but really had no clue just how much. I flew...


    Happy Days in Hamburg, Germany

    Greetings, I’m writing this from London and in a few hours I’m headed back to Canada. I’ve been on a whirlwind trip of sorts with all sorts of technical...