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Leaving Europe, Coffee Sucks and Back to Bangkok


First off, got an email today from a friend from High School, got himself a side income, quit his job and is bouncing to Europe… SICK! Tip my hat to that fine gent… Love getting emails like that FYI.

Can’t believe Euro Trip is coming to a close…

Last night over dinner with a blogger friend who is also self sufficient, it was cool. Discussed the pros and cons of the lifestyle, if the lists compared… One list could be done on the back of a fortune cookie message, the other would need a few trees…

Coffee seriously kills creativity… Woke up full of thought, now I am brain dead. Coffee is popular because it promotes beta waves aka boring routine bs which is why it is great for jobs. Screw coffee, do jumping jacks in freshly pressed pin striped suits or preferably, tuxedos.

If you want to fly above the cities on a cloud while screaming obscenities out loud while a french maid pours you scotch, coffee one must avoid. Alpha waves are the faculty of creative thought, most wouldn’t know an alpha if it hit them in the face, then again for every “alpha male” (or female) there are like 1,000,000, beta biatches so go figure?

I have mentioned before and will again, it is when you hit the road that excitement pours. Looking forward to this trip. Arrive in Bangkok at noon on Saturday. I will meet some rando or weako in luggage check and split a cab or take the bus, who knows.

At 5pm, I am meeting friends at Mr. Smiles aka sick vegetarian restaurant, I love meat but this guy makes such good eats you gotta. Also where I eat curry for a few days straight and suffered from a few days of heart burn…

I digress.

If you are in town and know Mr. Smiles aka Mr. Lim’s just be there, it’s on Rambutree, near Khao  San. hahah KHAO SAN! I have a video tour of Khao San that includes well almost everything going down on the street with candid interviews from Ping Pong Show promoters to playing music with frog ladies, look for that.

Finally, I am 80% sure that I will be giving away a 700-900E transportation ticket for summer 2011 in Europe… I got it good, I got hooked up, sharing is caring, yes? Most write blogs to get sh!t / make money. I write this to fill a void as this is what I searched for before leaving.

Dorky top 10 lists and things of that nature will always be written by people trying to get a discount on a 5$ dinner who also sell out their blogs with crappy links on the side and ads. We here at SHABL need none of that and will put our money where our mouth is, maybe. We are also gluttons so please bear that in mind.

Also in the cards, set up a really apropos domain I have for a user generated guide book that is well totally free written by chillers for chillers instead of over priced, clunky guide books written by troglodytes for trollops.

Finally, glad came back to Budapest, was deathly ill first time. Budapest is definitely one of favorite cities on this planet, up there with Stockholm… Great people, awesome architecture, delicious food, affordable cost of living and a club scene that was off the HOOK on a Wednesday, imagine a weekend!?!?!?

Finally, we are going to do an experiment… See if one can live happily in Chiang Mai on $600US a month aka less than my weekly European expenditures, can it be done? #getuncomfortable

Asia awaits.

P.S: Not sure.

P.P.S: Found some really fat photos of myself with horrible haircuts to boot. Stay tuned for the guide, if you’re heavy set, will change your life, did mine.

Search Du Jour!?: “Can You Die from Snake Whisky” – Result.

Re Search:  apparently not

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