7 of the Best Places to Party in the World

There are good parties everywhere in this world. That said, below is a list of my 7 favorite places on this planet to “go full” and party like there is no tomorrow. If you asked me some of the best places to party in the world, these would be them.

These are in NO particular order.

1) Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is on the very southern tip of the Algarve in Portugal. It’s one of the top party places in Portgual. It’s an old historic town steps from some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen anywhere. The narrow cobble stoned streets are loaded with bars and the party just doesn’t stop. In Portugal, you can drink on the streets, beach, anywhere. This small town is literally inundated with travelers looking to have an awesome time. This is also an opportunity to open a business for tourists and benefit from the local tax advantages. Every night is a true party. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday there, it was madness. The bars are cheap and one of my fav bars in the world “The Jam” has 1E pints until 9, can’t go wrong.

Best places to party in the world? Try Lagos!

2) Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Picture a beach just lined with bars. You can get a $0.50 pint at any one of them. There are numerous bars in town as well but most of the action happens on the beach. The way of life is incredibly laid back and incredibly cheap. Typically the “main bar” where the party is at is “Nap House” which is at the bottom of the main road to the beach. You can’t miss it if you’re there and shouldn’t miss it if you’re in Cambodia.

3) Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a special city. It’s the old capital of Poland. It hosts one of the coolest and largest town squares out there and countless bars. You can drink in the center of town in one of the countless patio’s for ~2E a pint. The nightlife is great and the people in Poland are pleasant. There is a reason that this is quickly becoming a hub for bachelor parties. You’ve heard of Prague, I’ve been there too. It has nothing on Krakow, take my word. Fav bars here? Cosmopolitan and Prozac.

4) Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

This place is the backpacker, surfer dude and beach bum capital of Bali. There is a street called Legian Street where most of the action happens. You can get really cheap rooms and the drinks are beyond cheap. Places like Sky Garden routinely had $0.50 specials on beers and it’s a great club. Other places have ridiculous specials as well like “Ally Cat” which has “Double Trouble” which is 2 for 1 vodka redbulls for $1us.  Great place to party.

5) Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place should go without saying. Besides the obvious reasons why this place is fun, it also has the Heineken brewery and a massive mix of every ethnicity in the world. Many places also boast this but what makes Amsterdam different is that most of the people who are there to party are there for the same reason you are. You may find yourself doing more “day partying” here and by 1-2am being totally ready for bed. Considering there are “fun activities” to do all day, you’ll know what I mean once you get there.

6) Vang Vien, Laos

Picture a small town in the middle of this picturesque valley in Laos. Laos is a small country to the north of Thailand. This place offers incredibly cheap lodging and living costs. It is also home to a ridiculous amount of bars. What makes it so great is that the “bars” are the after party. The main event is a solid “DAY PARTY” called “tubing”. You basically float down this river in an inner tube going from bar to bar where you can drink buckets, dance like its 1999 (sans Prince) and use some of the craziest swing ropes I’ve ever seen. It is remote and hard to visit. As a result only the most dedicated and serious party goers come. This place is NOT to be missed on a trip through SE Asia.

7) Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is the smallest island in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s only like 7x8km. It’s tiny. It has the reputation of being for “divers” and if you want to party you go to another island. While I was there, ran into a ridiculous crew and ask anyone who has been to all the islands, this place knows how to party. It’s a party every night right on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Considering it’s not known as a “party place” it’s a more intimate crew of travelers who still love to have fun. The “known party islands” tend to be filled with all sorts of weakos and as a result, they do not make this list. Some of my best times on this trip were on this island.

Update: Odessa, Ukraine – The Arcadia district is … awesome!?

There are other places, but they are for another time.

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P.S: I need to get to S. America, after Africa.

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