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5 Must try food and drinks from Korea

Vising South Korea is a great opportunity to try new and delicious food and drinks. And believe me when I say that one trip to South Korea might not be enough to try absolutely everything that this country has to offer. Not to mention that you might get sidetracked by everything else that you can find here – amazing technology, cultural and historic sites, stunning wildlife, and more. That said, here are the five must try food and drinks from Korea.



Soju is the number one drink in Korea, simply because you can find it everywhere. Koreans always have soju on many occasions, no matter the meal. Soju is definitely Korea’s national liquor, which is affordable and effective. It is but one of many popular Korean drinks that you can try, as you can see later in this article.

Soju tastes kind of like sweeter, watered-down vodka. Some people describe it as the sugar dissolved in alcohol. There are two major brands of soju in Korea: Chamisul and Chum Churum. But, you can always try other brands as well and experience the variety of soju flavors.


You have heard of kimchi, for sure. This food has been sold and adopted in many countries and cultures simply because it is that good, and of course, healthy. Kimchi is always the number one food that comes to mind when people are talking about Korean cuisine. If you didn’t know already, kimchi is often described as fermented vegetables. But, it is actually closer to sauerkraut, or to be more precise, the Korean version of sauerkraut that is spicier.

Kimchi is a strong-tasting side dish that can go well with many kinds of meals. It can also be used as the main ingredient in some meals in Kora. Nowadays, there are all kinds of kimchi. Some manufacturers even create kimchi in factories from scratch, making it more accessible and affordable.

Bokbunja ju

If truly want to try something exotic in Korea, try Bokbunja ju. It is a blackberry native of the Korean Peninsula and has the color of oxblood. The taste is rather sweet and similar to berry. Some people describe it as more of a dessert wine than red wine.

The main reason why Bokbunja ju is special is that it is closely related to male virility. It has been the legend that Bokbunja ju can make men manlier and stronger than before. It’s stopped being a legend when a team of Korean scientists confirmed that the berry does increase testosterone levels and sperm counts in mice in 2008. Bokbunja ju became even more popular ever since.


Bibimbap always makes my mouth water no matter what time of the day it is. This dish is truly filling and nutritious and available in many restaurants and street markets. Considering the nature of this dish, you can find a lot of varieties of bibimbap in Korea. The price of a serving is also varied, so you can always find one that is within your budget.

The most common bibimbap consists of warm rime topped with beef or chicken, raw eggs, and various vegetables. Then, complete with soy sauce and a dollop of chili pepper paste. Bibimbap is perfect for people who want to eat a nutritional meal, love seafood, and varieties in their meals.


Jajangmyeon is the famous “black” noodles from Korea. This dish consists of thick handmade wheat noodles topped with a mixture of salty black soybean paste, vegetables, diced pork, and raw cucumber slices. Jajangmyeon can be found in many places in Korea and is very affordable too. Perfect for anyone who wants to get a heaty meal without spending too much.

Jajangmyeon is usually eaten on Black Day, which falls on April 14th. The story is that people who do not receive gifts during Valentine’s Day wear black attire and gather together to eat black-colored food such as Jajangmyeon. That said, you can eat Jajangmyeon whenever you want.


There you have it, the five must try food and drinks from Korea. The next time you visit Korea, don’t forget to try these awesome foods and drinks. Or perhaps, you can find one that is available in your location.

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