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Bird Watching 101 in North America

Bird watching is a unique hobby limited to those you are appreciative of nature. This centuries old recreational activity took pace with the invention of optics in North America but it does not mean heavy technology is required for you to enjoy bird seeing – a pair of binoculars and a sharp hearing is enough. In North America exquisite birds fly throughout the year just waiting to be observed.

Elementary Bird Watching

If you are a bird feeder you can step into your backyard for a little bird watching – morning time is most suitable for this. Once you develop a little appreciation you can widen your horizons. 

The first thing you need is an appropriate bird guide relevant to North America. Abert’s Towhee, Acadian Flycatcher, American Crow and American Flamingo are some of the most common ones. Spend time in local parks and green areas and disconnect yourself from the outside world while you try to spot and differentiate between different types of birds.

Optimum Spots in North America

Once you are properly invested in bird watching you need to get yourself behind a wheel and visit some of the more popular places with bird populations.

For example, Monteverde, Cape May and Port Aransas are a splendid opportunity to get a closer look at a wider variety of birds in North America. Enjoy the tranquility in the air coupled with soothing bird chirping as you are awe-struck by their beauty.

Perfect Timing Plays a Major Role

It is no secret that most birds are creatures of morning, so your best bet is to rise with the sun for your expedition. But, depending on which particular species you are after you need to align your timing based on research. On the same note, time of the year matters as birds fly after food. Birding guides should inform you of when to expect which bird. Not all birds are seasonal though so you can go birdwatching year-round without much worry. 

Dig in a Little Deeper

It is more fun when you challenge yourself to find the rarest ones including California Clapper Rail, California Condor, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Mississippi Sandhill Crane and Blue Jay. Adding to that, you can familiarize yourself with the symbolic meaning of spotting one to make it a little more intriguing. The meaning behind seeing a blue jay might surprise you.

Birding Equipment

On a more professional level you need the right equipment for birdwatching and thanks to advancements in technology you can now get exactly what you need. Following is a list of basic resources you need:

  • Binoculars as a minimum or equivalent tech
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Field guide
  • A journal and pen if you like to record
  • Camera – you will want to capture those mesmerizing birds!

In case you have some bucks to spare, you can browse for more specialized technology to enhance your viewing, hearing and capturing abilities. 

Ethics Matter

Being a bird lover, you do not want to be of any nuisance to them. When passing through vegetation, drive slowly if you are on a vehicle and be conscious of trampling vegetation if you are walking through a trail. Take care not to damage birds’ habitats – be extra careful about squashing their eggs. Furthermore, talk less and observe more because it can scare the birds away. 

Happy Birding!

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