Expert Tips for Preventing Low Testosterone

Ever since the dawn of mankind, our ancestors wanted to know what is good for us and what is bad for us. As we got more data and more people started talking, we only got even more questions. Testosterone levels in men are currently a highly debated topic because there is a lot to go around. It is true that men are experiencing lower testosterone levels, but it is not for the reasons many think it is.

Lower testosterone levels are mostly due to pollution, microplastics, and poor eating habits. Poor eating habits mostly come from the fact that it is hard to eat healthy now, not because of our personal choice. Let’s also not forget stress, this ruins everything and could cause male puffy nipples, among other problems, including low testosterone levels. Thus, until these systematic problems are solved, we need to salvage what we can in order to maintain healthy testosterone levels in men.


Free testosterone

If you ever went a bit deeper into testosterone research, you probably heard about the term free testosterone. You have probably seen that free testosterone levels in men are usually around just 2%. You are probably worried about that because free testosterone is what many people call effective testosterone. 

However, that is not the case, in fact, bound testosterone is safer in your body. Testosterone frees itself from bound proteins in order to act, thus keeping the balance constant. Thus, you do not need to worry about this metric when thinking about testosterone.

No alcohol

In order to prevent low testosterone, you need to stop consuming alcohol. Besides ruining a whole lot of other things in your body, alcohol also ruins your testosterone levels. Your body can not stay healthy if it constantly needs to metabolize alcohol. It needs to metabolize in order to prevent the damage caused by the formed acetaldehyde in your body. Thus, no alcohol means more time for your body to focus on other important things, such as testosterone.

No smoking and drugs

The point is the same as with alcohol, these substances just damage your body. Sure, one drink or a cigarette every now and then will not ruin your entire body. However, everyone knows that this point is dedicated to the overconsumption of these substances.

Especially drugs, even small amounts of hard drugs can have a lasting impact on your metabolism. By avoiding all of this, you are making sure that your body works the way it is supposed to work.

Physical activity

More physical activity starts a positive feedback loop that starts producing more testosterone. This means that you will be readier for the next round of physical activities and thus produce constant levels of testosterone.

Physical activity is the best way to prevent low testosterone levels because it is made for this. Testosterone is very important for the growth of every cell in the body. Making your cells grow from workouts, means more testosterone in the blood flow overall.

Healthy eating habits

Testosterone, like all other hormones in your body, highly depends on the right diet. It is important to eat healthily in order for your body to work properly. If you do not get all the nutrients you need for your body, it will start to compensate.

Besides your body, your microbiome will not be happy with unhealthy eating habits. It is important to know that there are no foods that boost testosterone, however, there are a lot of them that lower testosterone.


Masturbation is a highly debated topic when it comes to testosterone levels. People who masturbate less often swear they have higher testosterone levels. Yet, the data is still inconclusive when it comes to masturbation.

However, constant masturbation coupled with watching porn definitely lowers testosterone. Healthy masturbation along a healthy sex life is perfectly normal and good for your testosterone. As with anything in life, balance is important, this means sexual activities too. Men are made to ejaculate, but men are not made to ejaculate 3 times per day every day of their life.

These ways represent something you can do on a personal level in order to keep your testosterone levels healthy. There are a lot of factors that affect testosterone levels negatively in men.

And a lot of people are putting the blame on men themselves, and not the more systematic problems. This is because it is much easier to blame other men for their problems, and not the actual rich people that have caused havoc.

Sure, it is not that one-sided in many cases, but in a lot of them, it really is not the men’s fault. If you look closely at the data, it is all right there, but the propaganda says otherwise. It is important to educate yourself with articles such as these in order to know what you are fighting.

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