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4 Mobility Devices for Seniors in the UK

mobility devices for seniors

Living as a senior citizen in the UK isn’t easy. There are many challenges that seniors have to face daily. Especially when it comes to moving from one point to another. As you may already know, senior citizens can’t really travel freely, as there are places where it is physically impossible to go. Even in their own homes, they can’t go wherever they want without difficulties. And often, their struggles could become fatal when accidents happen.

This is why mobile devices are crucial for senior citizens in the UK. Thanks to technological advancement in the world, now senior citizens can move better and easier thanks to existing mobility devices.

In this article, we are going to learn about these amazing mobility devices. Devices that can help improve the lives of all senior citizens including the people you love, or perhaps, yourself. And before we go deeper into this article, you can find many reliable and affordable mobility devices from Age UK Mobility.


If you know what a walker is, then you will be familiar with a rollator. Rollators can be used in the same as a walker, but they have more parts that make them easier to use. These mobility devices have a frame with four wheels, a set where the user may sit to get some rest, and handlebars for easy handling. Considering that rollators have wheels, brakes are also necessary here for more safety.

Rollators work much better than a walker. They are very useful for senior citizens who need more mobility and when a walker is not enough. The four wheels that rollators have to make it so much easier to push and move around. Rollators are also a great choice for people who don’t like wheelchairs but are looking for something similar in functionality.

Rollators offer great stability for the user. But keep in mind that due to the size, weight, and bulkiness of rollators, there may be some places where these devices may cause some issues.


I think every senior citizen in the UK, or the world for that matter, loves stairlifts. In fact, they have helped thousands of people maintain independence within their homes. No need to get helped just to climb the stairs, now seniors can easily go up and down their homes and be free from accidents that could be fatal.

Stairlifts nowadays are versatile too. Meaning that no matter if you have straight or curved stairs, you can get a customized stairlift for your home. A stairlift is perfect for a long-term investment, as it is widely available now and will keep the user safe. Some companies also offer full service from installation, consultation, repair, and maintenance.

Walk-in baths and showers

Slippery showers are dangerous for senior citizens and make it unnecessarily difficult for them to get in. Fortunately, there is a great solution to problems getting in and out of the bath and shower: walk-in baths and showers.

These walk-in bath and shower solutions can help any senior citizen free from danger and to enjoy and maximize the pleasure of showering and bathing. Of course, these solutions are also designed to give maximum freedom and independence for the user. So they won’t need anyone to help them anymore.


Wheelchairs have been used for a very long time now, including by senior citizens in the UK. Nowadays, there are more types of wheelchairs than before. So, if you have never considered using a wheelchair before, you better take a look at some of them now. Chances are, you will find one that fits your needs.

For more mobility and ease of use, electric wheelchairs are often preferred. These wheelchairs help the user to move freely and without tiring them. Some wheelchairs can even be fully customized to enter a vehicle or building much easier than usual. Overall, a wheelchair can be the best choice for senior citizens with more serious mobility issues or disabilities or who need to travel over greater distances.


These mobility devices have helped the lives of many senior citizens in the UK. It is such a relief to see how many options are available for people who need more mobility and protect themselves from dangers due to the lack of mobility.

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