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5 Tips for Securing the Cheapest Taxi Fares

Taxi on the street

Everyone around the world has been adjusting their budgets due to the pandemic and varying financial difficulties. Saving money is at the top of the list when it comes to everything from grocery shopping to travelling. In addition, more families are travelling by flying and that means they need transportation once they get to their destination. For more information, look at sanetraveller.

Here are 5 tips for securing the cheapest taxi fares:

1. Taxis Over Ride Share Services

First, taking a taxi is going to be cheaper than an Uber or Lyft-style ride. In addition, every city in America has a taxi service, except for the rural towns with less than 1000 residents. Choosing a taxi instead of other rideshare services is going to save you money from the beginning.

2. Offer Cash

A taxi driver is going to appreciate getting their fare and tip in cash instead of having to charge a credit card. Credit card companies take out a sizable fee for processing the transactions and that means less money in the driver’s pocket. By offering cash, the driver can reduce your fare because they will be making more money in the end. The best they can do is say yes to a discount, and the worst is a “no”.

3. Flat Rates

If you are travelling a fair distance, ask your driver for a flat rate. For this type of discount, which is usually near 10 percent, call the taxi company directly and before your ride. They would be more apt to take a flat rate and charge you upfront than to worry about having to collect the fee at the end of the ride. Another plus is that you will be insured a taxi when you need one because it is scheduled. You won’t have to look for one or worry about what to pay at your destination.

4. Avoid Rush Hour

If at all possible, try to avoid rush hour travel. Begin by planning your trip at a time when the traffic isn’t that heavy. If you need a taxi from the airport, you are probably going to be leaving at an “off” time because flights were cheaper at that time. If you must travel during typical rush hours, try to wait an hour or so. Grab a cup of coffee or go to a nearby store and then call for a taxi. It will save you money in the long run because the metre will keep running even if the taxi isn’t moving.

5. Ask for The Shortest Route

Most taxis use an app that offers them a choice between the fastest route and the shortest route. Typically, the fastest routes are the longest, with less traffic. The shortest path to your destination is going to save you time and money. It is okay to ask your driver for this, although not all taxi drivers will be accommodating. Most will, but it’s a gamble.

Always be courteous and polite when dealing with taxi drivers. They are doing a job, one that isn’t always easy, and they deserve respect like all service workers.

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