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3 Amazing Front Entrance Ideas That Boost First Impressions

One of the most highly-debated questions: How long does it take to make a first impression?

Some say 2 seconds, some say 30 seconds. Whichever one it is, that is not a whole lot of time to make an impression on someone.

This may stress you out if you’re an entertainer and have people over often. It could also make you panic if you are trying to sell your home quickly.

Your best bet is to spruce up your home aesthetic with these front entrance ideas. With these, it’ll only take visitors a few seconds to know they’re in love with your home.

If you want to show your patriotism, there is no better way than raising a flag in your front yard. Simply buy the necessary flagpole hardware accessories and with a little help from some friends you’ll be flying the flag shortly after.


1. Make Your Entry Door Stand Out

There are a few different ways you can make your entry door stand out. The material you choose, the design, and the color can drastically impact your overall house design in just one glance.

Here are a few ideas for your front door:

  • Stick with wood for an old-time classic feel 
  • Use a metal door frame for a contemporary feel 
  • Use a pop of color like yellow, blue, or red to catch someone’s eye at first glance

What you choose to do will have a lot to do with the overall home aesthetic you want to have. So ask yourself, do you want a bold entrance or a more subtle one? Do you want a more modern look or a classic one?

2. Add Curb Appeal 

Before anyone even gets to your front entrance, the first thing they see is your landscaping. If it’s cluttered, dead, and lacks color, people may instantly be turned off to your home. But with color, vibrance, texture, and a uniformed cleanliness, you will have them hooked.

Add curb appeal with various types of flowers for a pop of color and some added texture and consider adding potted plants to your front porch to add another dimension.

Make sure you keep your grass watered and trimmed as well as your front lawn bushes so that it comes across as well-kept.

3. Spruce Up the Entry Door Area

Have you ever walked by someone’s house or up to the front door and stared in awe at how cute their front door area was? What was it that made it way?

It’s simple charm that usually creates this overall home aesthetic on the home exterior of the house.

Adding wreaths or signs on the door create a specific vibe. Placing a door mat with the aesthetic you want adds to the area as well. And, of course, adding a couch or rocking chair can dramatically improve the look of the area.

Front Entrance Ideas You Can’t Resist

Creating a first impression on your guests or potential buyers is everything. And by using these front entrance ideas, you can create a first impression that you want visitors to have.

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