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5 Unique Ways To Make Your First Travel More Exciting

Travelling is an exciting experience and requires planning for the fullest experience. If you haven’t travelled before, there are different ways you can make your first travel more exciting. A full experience of travelling goes beyond booking a trip online and heading for the destination. Here are 5 unique ways to make your first travel more exciting. 

  1. Create A Budget 

Your first travel experience can be exciting if you create a budget for the trip in such a way that leaves you financially comfortable after the trip. If you go on a trip while carrying financial worries, you might not enjoy the experience. You may find yourself counting every dollar before deciding to participate in an activity during your holiday to have enough money left when you return home. 

Creating a budget means setting aside an amount you can spend on transport, accommodation, food, and activities during your travel. A travel emergency fund is recommended as you may encounter unexpected costs. On the other side of the budget is the money allocated to your daily mandates when you return home. You’re then able to experience your travel stress-free in terms of finances. 

  1. Travel Smoke-Free 

Smoking while travelling can be cumbersome. You’ll have to look for smoking areas when you feel like smoking, which may not always be available. Smoking restrictions while you travel can stress you out because of delayed gratification. 

Not only is it stressful in terms of searching for smoke areas while on the go, smoking while travelling can take a toll on your physical state, meaning you don’t get to enjoy your travel. Smoking causes breathing problems as it affects your lungs. Smoking also causes blood circulation problems, so you may feel fatigued while travelling. 

You can consider vaping as an alternative to smoking while you’re travelling. Vaping means inhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette that has liquid containing nicotine, chemicals and different flavourings. You can get a nicotine prescription for vaping, making your travel experience more exciting and less damaging than smoking cigarettes. 

  1. Research On Travel Requirements 

Various destinations have legal travel requirements. Researching on such legalities will avoid you having to pay penalties, jail time, or losing your possessions, resulting in a miserable first travel experience.  

If you’re traveling to Australia with vaping products, you’ll need to follow the regulations that come with vaping products. Before packing your vaping kit, you need to research on whether vaping is legal where you’re travelling to. If it is, what documents do you need to present upon entering the borders.  

  1. Plan Activities  

 If you decide to participate in outdoor activities, you can pack the appropriate attire, such as shoes or tights. If water activities intrigue you, you can then pack a suit. If hiking is one of the activities you wish to do, you can pack the correct type of hiking shoes and repellent, for instance, if the hiking track is filled with bugs that bite. You can only find out such information through research. 

Planning for activities can make your first travel more exciting. You can research on the activities at the destination and, depending on the information you get, plan accordingly. You may have to put some of your stuff in a trailer, especially for the long hauls. Luckily, Renown Cargo Trailers and others have you covered.

  1. Immerse Yourself In Culture 

Immersing yourself in the local culture is one of the ways to make your first travel more exciting. You get to experience the space as a tourist; you have a front-seat experience of the realities lived beyond tourism. 

Immersing yourself in culture means meeting the residents and citizens who’ll introduce you to their way of living. This may be inviting you into their homes to experience a home-cooked meal which isn’t what you’d experience in a restaurant for tourists. By sharing a meal, you may get to understand the history behind the food and its preparation. 

You may also appreciate the cultural tales that may come with dining with locals. You may also enjoy geographic spots with cultural significance to the locals, which aren’t mainstream tourist attractions. In all these, it’s very important, of course, to be respectful of the people and places you encounter 


Travelling is an experience to always cherish, and you can find unique ways to make your first travel more exciting. Creating a budget helps to ease your mind and enjoy the experience in its totality. Travelling smoke-free means less stress about where to smoke. Researching on the destination and planning activities ahead are also some of the few ways to make your trip exciting. Immersing yourself in the local culture, finally, contributes to a unique travel experience.

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