White Sugar is Poison & Killing Us All!!

White sugar is killing you, white sugar is killing me!! Since I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur I’ve been guzzling egregious quantities of a sugary, syrupy drink called “Mirinda” with great vigor and zeal, to the tune of 4-5 of these things a day.

This “Mirinda” that claims to have a “New”, “Strong Orange Taste” contains an appalling 11g of sugar for every 100ML. The ones I’m buying and going through like a junky on an east hastings back alley are 600ML. With some simple elementary school mathematics that works out to ~66g of sugar each. Now if you drink 4-5 of these that’s, 264-330g of sugar a day. Oh I’ve also been drinking some lipton green tea or iced tea with lunch. That said, I’m looking at a ridiculous quantity of sugar.

I’ve been wondering why I’m not sleeping, turning into an uncomfortable, irritable, insomniac and waking up with the worst hang overs I can remember, when not even drinking. I’m waking up tired and trying to go to bed wired, it’s quite the predicament and it’s making me a zombie. It feels like I’ve been hit in the face with a Louisville slugger by none other than Mark Mcgwire himself.

I can’t sleep, when I wake up I have this piercing headache and on top of it all, I’m bloated as all h3ll, despite eating rather healthy besides this evil elixir. I feel like fat ba$tard from Austin Powers, but actually with a baby in my belly. Oh yeah, it’s also making all those who abuse it, fat.

No wonder most people in the USA are overweight, seriously, the calories in this must be ridiculouso(sic) and it’s sapping my energy. This reminds me of when I quit coke, I used to get this buzz everyday at lunch, I’d feel “alive”, then suddenly, 2PM would come around and all I wanted to do was sleep on my keyboard, the “sugar” had worn out. I’d go home feeling like a zombie… Maybe there is something to this? Zombie’s are easier to control, easier to manipulate and influence then say, independent free thinkers? yes?

Think about how much sugar you consume, are you bloated, lazy, moody, depressed, overweight, obese? How much sugar do you consume? Those bs sugary drinks which are so cheap, so popular are the bane of your existence. Also notice how they are everywhere, even inside school lobbies…

FYI, 1 gram of sugar is 1 teaspoon of sugar, in your mind, make a pile of just say 100g of sugar, it’s enormous no? Now imagine 300g. These sugary drinks are basically just liquefied sugar, sold to people who don’t know any better while fat men in cashmere clothes laugh from the comforts of their velvet red couches and smoke hand roll cigars the size of mini-cooper cars.

You’re getting played, I’m getting played. Before writing this, as I will when I’m done, I’ve been lying on the bed of a cheap, budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur (not the one in the video) and wondering why, what happened, what’s going on. Being the insightful character that I am, I have concluded it is the sugar, it’s gotta be the sugar. Go google “sugar poison” and a variety of other related terms…

They have warnings on cigarettes, they have age restrictions on alcohol all while offering you, me, us, the uninitiated vast quantities that is making every facet of our life worse. I might also add that they get us hooked from a young age, starting with those sugary cereals with “friendly cartoon charachters” on them to appease the appetites of children. It gives you a headache, withdrawl sucks, doesn’t it?

White sugar is making you bloated, it’s making you moody, it’s making your teeth rot, my teeth hurt and they never hurt, I love my teeth.

If you have kids, rip this stuff out of your cupboards.

Bottom line ladies and gentlemen, sugar is an epidemic, a widely accepted drug being pushed down our throats (literally) and making our lives worse in every form possible.

Sugar is killing us all, don’t believe me? Look at your life, cut sugar out and see what happens, I dare you. That said, I’m done with sugar and will “investigate” all drinks before enjoying them.

I quit caffeine cold turkey from 3XL’s a day, let me tell you, that, ladies and gentlemen, gives you a headache. Either way, do some thinking, it’s your life.

I’m off to go lay on my bed and try and try and sleep to break out of this sugar induced mini depression. Anything that gives you a major headache when you quit, can’t be good for you? Kinda makes you wonder why you ever started, yes?

Good day to you, back to laying on my bed waiting for this nightmare to end.

P.S Due your own due diligence, go play on google and type in “sugar” and a few other terms and do some reading, it’s worth it.

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