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What to Write in a Christmas Card to a Friend?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you need help knowing what to write in a friend Christmas card. First of all, well done for reaching out.

What is a card anyway? A piece of paper with a fold down the middle – no, it’s an expression of how much someone means to you. With the festive season coming around again there’s no time like the present (ha, ha) to prepare a beautiful card for someone you care about.

If you’re looking for a way to write a personal message, Boomf is one website with totally customisable cards, and some lovely designs as well.

How to write the perfect message in a friend Christmas card

So, you’re looking to write a personalised message in a Christmas card. Maybe you’ve decided that a simple Happy Xmas just isn’t going to cut it. That’s understandable, it could be that they’ve had a difficult year, or you’re simply looking to create something that’s more unique and thoughtful for this holiday season. Regardless, here are some tips on how to write the perfect message.

  • Be open and honest. This is something we should all aspire to do more in our own lives, and in the spirit of Christmas, sometimes spreading joy comes down to being sincere about how much someone means to you.
  • Reflect on precious memories together. Christmas is a time to reflect back on the past year, and if the songs are to be believed, look forward to the joys of times to come. If you’re taking the step to write a unique message, you’ve surely got some memories worth sharing. With Boomf, you can even upload photos onto the inside of the card – a picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.
  • Sign it in your own writing. It’s best to leave space inside the card to sign it yourself, they’ll surely appreciate it.

When’s the best time to order a Christmas card?

Unfortunately, as early as possible. But given you’ve taken the time to search for this article, it seems like you’re prepared. Regardless, ordering online certainly beats contending with the shops at this time of year anyway.

I hope you’ve got what you need to write a personal message to a friend this Christmas, remember that sending someone a card is a thoughtful gesture in itself. Now it’s time to cosy up and enjoy some of that festive cheer!

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