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How to Use Call Center Quality Assurance Scorecards to Improve Your Business

Customer service and support are at the core of every successful call center. Without these traits, you will begin to lose a loyal customer fan base. 

Tracking and evaluating customer experiences can help prevent customers from seeking out their competitors. This short guide will package all the details necessary to begin building an effective call center quality assurance scorecard. 


How a Scorecard Can Support Your Business  

Customer service and great support are at the core of every successful call center. A call center quality assurance scorecard has many names, including a call center scorecard, a customer service scorecard, and a quality assurance scorecard. 

These are systems created to help evaluate employee performance and the customer experience. These are built to help companies receive feedback on: 

  • How do call center agents treat their customers? 
  • How are workers deviating from company standards?
  • What inspires customer relations?

Why are Scorecards Important? 

Poor customer service can greatly impact any company. Agents can improve their communication and maintain better performance once they understand how to utilize this feedback. 

Quality assurance can help ensure customers are satisfied and that call agents have a set of standards to employ. 

How to Build A Scorecard

All businesses vary depending on the type of product or services you offer. There are many things you need to include on your scorecard including: 

1. Customer Service Category 

Whether you’re in sales & marketing, technical help, or online shopping, you need to understand how your business falls into one of the aforementioned categories. 

Then, you’ll want to establish the level of knowledge agents need to solve the inquiry. This will break your call agents into specialized categories. 

2. Agent Skills 

These forms of peer review allow companies to establish which agents are more effective and have the best service skills. At a minimum, agents should understand how to be courteous and respond to customers. 

Scorecards can ask questions such as: 

  • Did the service representative actively practice listening skills? 
  • Did the representative successfully summarize and solve the inquiry?

3. Product Competencies 

Of course, all call center agents should fully understand the product or services they are selling. Scorecards should include an objective list of questions addressing product knowledge engagement.

This includes questions such as: 

  • Did the representative follow the call center processes? 
  • Was the call ended appropriately? 

4. Processing Information and Compliance

All companies should require agents to follow an extensive plan regarding security compliance and processing information. This includes respecting customers by protecting their information or securing their data, including: 

  • Detailing breaches in compliance
  • Pass/fail questions concerning compliance

5. Outcome & KPIs 

Outcomes and KPIs give a complete and concise overview of how a call was completed. An example of a question regarding this topic involves questions such as: 

  • Did the representative demonstrate problem-solving skills?
  • Did the representative follow company policy and procedures?

KPIs follow more in-depth data and metrics surrounding phone calls. These cover more data-based attributes, including:   

  • Average In-queue time
  • Average Handling Time
  • Average Speed of Answering Calls
  • Net Promoter Score

6. Customer Experiences

Everything accumulates to provide one thing: a satisfactory customer experience. Ensuring happy customers is dependent upon the performance of your call center agents. 

With that said, we want to ask questions that surround the overall performance of a call agent, such as:

  • How fast was the representative’s response and did they quickly solve the inquiry?
  • Did the service representative provide accurate and relevant information?

Improving Call Center Performance

Introducing call center quality assurance scorecards can help streamline and improve the customer service process. Not only do scorecards satisfy the customer base, but they help introduce rules and regulations for future employees. See how they can improve your business. 

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