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What Responsible Employers Should Do In The Event Of An Injury In Their Workplace

An injury in your workplace can cause significant disruption and be a major cause for concern. As an employer and member of management, it is your job to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees. Any accident should be treated with the utmost seriousness, regardless of the extent of the injury caused. 

Your first priority should be the wellbeing of the injured employee. Medical attention should be sought immediately, and you should ensure that every employee understands the process for reporting accidents from the moment they begin working for you.


Get The Employee Medical Assistance

The type of medical assistance needed will depend on the severity of the injury that has occurred. It may be something that your in-house first aid practitioner can handle, or you may need to call in emergency medical personnel. The most important thing is that your employee gets the help they need. 

Find Out What Went Wrong

It is your job to investigate what happened and ensure that the accident doesn’t happen again. This means interviewing the employees involved and those that witnessed the accident. You should take careful notes and review CCTV and other evidence to ensure a complete understanding of what occurred. Your report on the accident should be thorough and a claim filed as soon as possible to allow the employee to receive workers’ compensation if they qualify. 

Engage A Lawyer

If the accident was caused by something you or the business did wrong, it is vital to find quality legal counsel to help you navigate any claim brought against you. This is also crucial if you feel that you weren’t at fault, but the employee is bringing action against you anyway.

For a deeper understanding of the significance of legal counsel, you can click URL here.  This resource offers valuable insights into the advantages of having competent legal representation to navigate the legal process and safeguard your interests. However, it is crucial to choose a quality lawyer with plenty of experience in workers’ compensation claims, like the Leo Trial Group, which operates in the Orlando, FL, area.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

Risk assessments should be carried out regularly as it is, but after an accident, it is best to do a risk assessment as soon as possible. This can help you identify things that contributed to the accident, including working practices, employee training and your office layout. Use the knowledge of the accident to inform your new risk assessment and ensure that employees understand any change in policy that may arise from the evaluation. 

Stay In Touch 

You should keep in contact with the injured employee. This way, you can provide any support they may need and prevent the injury claim from becoming contentious. Do what you can to accommodate them, particularly while they recover before returning to work. Let them know what you’re doing to ensure something similar doesn’t happen again, and keep them updated on the progress of their workers’ compensation claim. 

File A Claim With Your Insurer

You should make a claim for workers’ compensation with your insurer as soon as possible. This will allow your employee to access money for necessary expenses, including medical care and loss of earnings. There may be time limits on when a claim can be filed, so this should be one of the first things you do after ensuring your employee is receiving medical care.

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