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Water Softeners For The Home 101

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A water softener could change your life for the better. And I can assure you that I am not exaggerating about it. But, before you start buying a water softener for your home, there are some things you need to know first. After all, a water softener could be one of the best investments for your household, so you don’t want to let it go to waste. Without further ado, here are some commonly asked questions about water softeners and the answers.

Do I really need a water softener?

Obviously, this is the most commonly asked question about water softeners. So, do you really need one? The fact is, no matter where you live, there is always some amount of hardness in your home’s water. It is something that cannot be avoided, no matter what the source of the water is. In fact, this is the main reason why water softeners exist. A water softener like Kinetico premier compact water softener can take care of this problem for you.

When you are picking a water softener, you can pick one based on the hardness level of your home’s water. It is important to pick one that can handle the hard water levels of your home. But, you shouldn’t worry too much, unless you know the amount of hardness is really high.

What kind of water softener do I need?

When picking a water softener, you should consider the budget, functionality, and features. One water softener could be so much different from the other, although their main functions would be pretty much the same. It’s just their capabilities would be vastly different. When it comes to water softeners, you should look beyond their softening capacity. Additional options like iron removal, salt usage, contaminant filtration, and energy efficiency, could do a lot for your home.

Typically, a cheap water softener should have all the basic features. Some features like indication when salt is needed, learning water usage patterns, and low salt usage. More expensive water softeners should come with features like sediment filter, very high iron removal, high overall efficiency, and chlorine taste and odor removal. After you’ve decided on the best water softener for your home, next is contacting a company to handle water softener installation in Tucson, AZ, or anywhere you’re located. From this explanation, the best outcome would be picking a water softener that fits your budget and has as many essential features as possible.

How much water do we use?

To avoid overspending, you need to measure how much water you and your family use every day. If you live alone, surely, you don’t need a large-size water softener. But, if you live with 3 or more people in a house, a large-size water softener is a great choice here.

Learning hard water terms

For a bonus, we are going to learn about some common hard water terms. If this is your first time dealing with a water softener, some terms may sound alien to you. it’d help you a lot to learn more before you start shopping for a water softener.

Hard water

When water contains a high concentration of magnesium and calcium, it becomes hard water. This usually happens when water flows through rocks and soil. This is why location could be the main factor in whether your home’s water is hard or not as hard.

Grains per gallon

Grains per gallon, or gpg, is the unit used to measure the hardness level of water. The way water is measured is by using one grain or about 65 milligrams of calcium carbonate, dissolving it in a liter of water. For water to be considered soft, it has to have less than 1 grain per gallon. Anything above 7 gpg is considered to be hard water.


We have already talked about it before. A water softener’s capability is measured by its capacity, cubic feet, or gallons. This is why you should always consider a water softener that can handle enough water for your household – be it small, medium, or large.


The benefits of water softeners cannot be ignored. In the long term, a water softener could help you save a lot of money and time from problems that might happen due to hard water. If you do your homework properly, a water softener could make your home’s water so much better than before.

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