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Was Moldova a Mistake!?

Greetings from Chisinau, Moldova.

Just arrived, the train sucked. When I say the train sucked I mean I sat next to a family who had TB and the youngest one vomited all over my shiny shoes. Apart from that they had the worlds worst sandwich, it was this bun with a hot dog and enough mayo and ketchup to give a cardiologist heart pains, I eat two. Ahhh, what a train from Odessa, Ukraine to Chisinau, Moldova.

Just arrived, the train station is actually quite nice. That breakaway territory Transnistria, looks what I’d assume most of these places looked like when they first broke free, only it has not progressed. Some development but lots of small humble homes and dilapidated buildings from the soviet era. Felt like I had to do something while there so I eat a sandwich, the one mentioned above.

Upon arriving, we caught a cab. I was like “Wow, I’ve been all over Europe, not sure if I’ll do much more of Africa”, at that exact moment we take this side street where a river ran through it looking for our accommodation, thought I was in Africa. We got there and the lady at the front desk was quasi rude, oddly enough her counterpart was one of the most welcoming and warm ladies I’ve met on this planet, odd?

My friend goes to his room, there is this naked French guy and it wreaks like rotten eggs, he comes down and tells me the story. Then the French guy comes down and it’s this guy I saw in Odessa, whose style I sadly know, great, another win. Thought it was the last I saw of him…

All I can say is … L . O . L.

This is proof, never leave a good party to go to another, ever…

One of those days, hope I don’t come down with TB.

Tips hat,

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