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Train to Moldova from Ukraine Via Transnistria


I sit here eating some Mexican guys chips because he said I could have one, then he left and now I can’t help myself. A friend is ordering a spicy pizza and I just eat half a dozen boiled eggs. I also saw a sad looking clown smoke a cigarette filter first, it’s time to leave. At 5PM I’m taking a train Ukraine to Moldova via Transnistria. The train costs about $10US and takes roughly 5 hours.


Most people take the bus as it avoids Transnistria, met a guy zany enough to join me on the mission and seriously, the main factor was that the train station is like across the street so it’s easy. We’ll see what happens but if all goes well, should be in Moldova tonight at about 10PM. Have to make sure I get stamped at the border, if not the customs officials of Moldova will grill you on way out. I’ve been grilled at Singapore customs, it’s not fun.

Knew nothing about Odessa except it was in the Ukraine and on the coast of the Black Sea. It’s quickly become my number one destination in the region. If you’re looking for a great time in all the areas that matter to a gent like myself… Do the Black Sea Coast, including but not limited to Odessa, Constanta and Varna.

Honestly, kinda bummed about leaving. This place just feels like home, isn’t it crazy that you can find a place you know nothing about, on the other side of the world and in a week or so feel like it’s home? I’m going to miss everything about this place, that said, sure I’ll find adventure elsewhere.

Last night was cool, the Communist Party was everything I thought it would be AND MORE. Updates becoming increasingly brief, business is picking up and my online responsibilities are expanding, not to my chagrin whatsoever. I’m a judge and media partner at The Media Awards, cool, yes? Also a media partner for Blog World Expo, indeed.

Random travel tip: If you’re staying somewhere for a while, don’t do all your laundry the night before. I need to leave in 2 hours and all my laundry is still wet, haha, whooops!?

Tips hat,

Keywords to remember from last night: Librarian lady, techno club, True Man, best big mac ever.

Random SHABL Search!?: “Koh Phangan Full Moon Party”

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