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Understanding The Characteristics of an Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring

Many couples choose an oval-shaped stone over a round diamond, the most common form of engagement ring. Not quite a circle and not as sharply defined as an edged diamond, an oval-shaped stone looks unique and embodies a zest for life. Oval-cut diamonds look stunning in almost any setting, from classic solitaires to pave settings with additional sparkle. Discover more about this incredible diamond shape.

High Brilliance

The oval shapes bounce back light magnificently with the same 57 or 58-kite-shaped facet plan as round diamonds. Their elongated shape looks flattering on the finger and is often less expensive than other fancy shapes, such as princess cut or cushion cut. Online stores offer a wide selection of oval engagement rings with traditional diamonds or other stunning gemstone options like sapphire or ruby. Because the rounded corners of an oval shape are less distinct than the sharp edges of a round or princess-cut diamond, an oval-cut stone will show more inclusions and color hints. We recommend selecting a higher color grade for your oval engagement ring to avoid this. The graceful curves of an oval shape symbolize completion, harmony and connectedness. This romantic meaning makes them perfect for couples celebrating their unique and independent personalities. They are also the perfect diamond shape for risk-takers who love living on the edge.

Elongated Shape

Oval diamonds look bigger than other forms because of their extended shape. It creates a gorgeous, eye-catching look in a ring. The long shape also flatters the fingers, making them look slimmer. Brides who want to display their pretty hands but require extra cash for a larger-cut diamond can consider this choice. Oval engagement rings are beautiful in a variety of metal types. For example, classic yellow gold creates a timeless feel, while feminine rose gold adds a romantic touch. Durable platinum accentuates the sparkle of the diamond. Oval diamonds are also perfect for brides who want to pair their jewelry with a meaningful message. The elongated shape of an oval stone can symbolize connection and community, which is fitting for couples who are finding their relationships together. The curved shape can also represent eternity, a beautiful marriage symbol. Whether she wears her ring with a modern solitaire or a vintage floral design, an oval engagement ring will impress.

More Affordable

When shopping for an engagement ring, many brides want to stick with tradition or look for something different. However, diamonds are expensive and can quickly blow budgets. Fortunately, oval diamonds can look as beautiful as other fancy cuts but are more affordable. Oval-cut diamonds are cheaper because they squander less rough material. They also have a flattering effect on the finger and can appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. It makes them a great option for brides-to-be on a budget. Oval diamonds are a beautiful choice, from vintage to modern, for any ring style. They can be set in solitaire, pave bands, and halo designs. They are often seen in Art Deco and other vintage-inspired rings, proving their timeless appeal. In addition, the oval shape can accentuate long fingers and work well on shorter fingers. Many celebrity figures, including Blake Lively, Julianne Hough, Serena Williams, Hailey Baldwin and Katie Holmes, have chosen oval-cut diamonds for their engagement rings. They symbolize individuality, uniqueness, and the promise of family and rebirth.

Unique Design

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the cost of her dream diamond ring can skyrocket. Oval-cut diamonds can add a touch of elegance without the extra cost. The graceful curves of an oval diamond shape also symbolize rebirth, fertility, and family. It makes them the perfect choice for brides looking for a ring that represents their unique sense of style and individuality. Oval-cut diamonds are not all made equal; it is vital to remember this. Be sure to look for a diamond with an H color grade and VS1 or higher clarity grade to ensure maximum beauty and value. Also, make sure to avoid the bow-tie effect, a dark line that runs across the surface of the diamond and can be a sign of lower quality. For the fashion-forward bride, consider a three-stone oval engagement ring. These rings feature a stunning center oval-cut diamond surrounded by accent diamonds on either side to create a gorgeous showpiece that symbolizes your relationship’s past, present, and future.

Timeless Beauty

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the classic diamond oval shape is no exception. This versatile stone looks gorgeous in nearly every setting. Taylor Lautner’s simple diamond oval pave engagement ring, and Bridal Couture’s glimmering double-prong oval diamond solitaire are the perfect examples of how an elegant oval can make a stunning ring.

An oval’s elongated shape can also create the illusion that it is larger than other diamond shapes of similar carat weight.  Oval diamonds are also more affordable than other fancy diamond cuts, such as radiant or pear-shaped ones. Additionally, the facets of an oval-cut diamond aren’t as visible as those of different diamond shapes, meaning that inclusions and blemishes are more difficult to detect. It makes it easy for even a low-grade diamond to look beautiful and sparkling in an oval setting. 

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