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Trip to Hospital for a Fractured Forehead

Good day to you,

I lay here, in my hospital bed with an iv attached to my arm, slowly but surely administering a pleasurable pain killer to take my mind off the fact my sinuses are filling with blood from a fractured forehead. “Scarface” as you will now refer to me as isn’t so annoyed about his fractured face, stitches or blackening eye as he is bruised ribs, it makes everything  incredibly painful. How did I find myself in the International Wing of a Hoi An hospital and most importantly, when are my grilled shrimps going to get here!??!

I’m biking with a friend last night at about 11pm. It’s a Monday and not much going on so we decided to head to another friends to watch some movies and just kick back, we’re moving pretty fast down an incline when some cars start coming… I drive to the side of the road and remember saying “What” as though I was going to ask a question then feeling my face hit the concrete harder then I’ve ever wanted to. I also remember the sound of impact as my face met a formidable and fierce foe, my face lost, big time.

My meal just arrived, considering I can barely open my jaw without agonizing pain, I figured some shrimp and squid soup should do the trick. Also they gave me a bunch of antibiotics again, man I’m sick of antibiotics, sick of it like someone is sick of their spouse in the 48 hours before they drop the “We’re getting a divorce bomb”.

Basically on the side of the road, just off the concrete there is  this  random murder hole that I drove right into and it flipped my bike. Think it was formed by erosion but what do I know. Considering I used to race mountain bikes, to fracture my forehead driving to a friends house on an old school “Mary Poppins” bike which for the sake of my pride, we shall call “Gary Poppins” bike leaves me puzzled.

Long story short, get CT scans, stitches, chest x-rays and all that jazz.  They said since it’s a head injury and my sinuses are filling with blood it’s best to stay here for ~24-48 hours so that’s what I’m doing. Man, that meal I just eat was kinda crappy, the shrimps were a let down, I’d love a steak but I can’t chew.

Dare I say this hospital isn’t so bad, I kinda like my room. Only complaint is I have what is turning into a black eye, stitches in my face and a fractured f#$& FOREHEAD! Who fractures their forehead!? Oh yeah, I do.

Some of my local friends came by which was cool, them bringing me a few sugar canes was even cooler.

I’m stuck with a headache that just won’t quit but still glad the CT scan was ok. Having stuff like this happen really make you appreciate being otherwise healthy and just alive. You never know when you’re gonna go when it comes to dying and you’ll never know unless you go when it comes to living.



P.S: Forehead scars are the new tattoo, you heard it here first.

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