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Traveling By Bicycle? 6 Things You Should Have With You

Have you ever considered traveling by bicycle? It’s a great way to see the world at a slower pace, and it’s good for the environment too. If you’re thinking of taking a bike trip, you’ll need a few things to make sure you have with you. Here are six essential items that every bicyclist should have on their journey.

A Map 

Before starting any big bike ride, it is essential to have a good map handy. Knowing the lay of the land beforehand makes planning your route much easier, especially if you are considering unforeseen stops or detours.

A map of the area you plan to bike through can provide useful visual cues and clues about what landmarks and points of interest you could encounter along the way. It can help give an irresistible hint of adventure to riders before they’ve even started pedaling. For cyclists looking for more information, detailed maps will list elevation changes so riders can prepare for tough hills around the bend.

A Water Bottle or Two

Staying hydrated is essential when biking. A water bottle or two can help maximize hydration while out on the cycling trail. When choosing the right container, look for something light yet durable with an easy-to-use lid when filling and drinking from it.

Additionally, it should easily fit in a cycling top tube cage or a rear rack pack. Select one with an internal airflow channel to help you drink more quickly from the container. Stocking up on a few bottles before you embark on your cycling journey can help ensure you get the hydration you need for an energy-filled ride.


Finding the perfect snack for a long bike ride can feel overwhelming. Rather than scouring your cupboards in search of something to take with you, why not make homemade trail mix? It’s one of the healthiest snack options, and combining your favorite nuts and dried fruits into a bag is much easier.

Plus, it’s the perfect combination of beneficial nutrients and delicious ingredients that will keep you motivated during the long haul. However, if the homemade mix doesn’t suit your fancy, you can find the best snacks for a bike ride online, or search for some recipes. With so many high-energy choices like protein bars from Stars + Honey, energy chews, and crunchy granola snacks, finding something that works for you and fits in with your nutritional goals is easy.  

First-aid kit

Accidents can happen at any time, and one of the most important steps to take when preparing for such an event is to have a well-stocked first aid kit with all of its necessary medical supplies. Such a kit should contain bandages, disinfectant cleanser, adhesive tapes, medications for common disorders, and any special items needed for specific allergies.

It’s also essential to keep it in an easily accessible place so that you can react quickly in an emergency. Being prepared with a reliable first aid kit could save you or your loved ones a great amount of distress.

Repair Kit

If you’ve ever been caught having a flat tire miles away from home, you understand how essential it is to be prepared with a repair kit. Having the right tools is essential for any driver who wishes to handle the job quickly and safely. With such a kit, your car will no longer fear sharp rocks or seemingly bad potholes.

You’ll be confident knowing you have the resources to ensure your tires survive while navigating challenging terrain. Outfitting your vehicle with these tools should come as common sense to everyone who’s ever been on the road. Regularly check their condition if you don’t want to be stranded when something goes wrong.

Lights and Reflectors

For cyclists, making sure that you are visible to other cyclists and drivers is an important safety measure during a bike ride. You can accomplish this through the use of lights and reflectors. Lights help alert pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers around you to your presence while riding at night by providing visibility on the road. Reflectors ensure that light from the headlights of cars or lighting around you is reflected toward the source.

Combined, both lights and reflectors ensure that you are seen by other cyclists and drivers on the road while cycling at any time of day. By doing so, you can enjoy a safe bike ride anytime!

These are just a few essentials to pack for your next bike ride. Be sure also to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, bringing extra clothes if necessary. And most importantly, have fun. Cycling is a great way to explore new areas and get some exercise at the same time. 

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